The Ford Bronco has received a lot of attention since the 2021 model year was announced and released till now that the 2022 version is being expected. The handsome vehicle comes with a nostalgic design and an impressive ability off-road for anyone seeking adventure on any of the wildest trails.

With all the off-road features, there’s a lot to enjoy as you drive your Ford Bronco. Let’s take a look at the top ten key off-road features on the Bronco that sets it aside from the competition.

1.   Trail Turn Assist

The trail turn assist is one of the most popular tricks on the Ford Bronco, which makes up for the very large size of the vehicle. If you’re driving up a high trail, this feature comes in handy to help you make tight maneuvers. You simply have to push the button and it would lock the inside rear tire when you’re on a steering lock. This would drastically reduce the curve of your turn and let you maneuver and curve through tight spaces.

2.   Locking Front Differential

The Ford Bronco is fitted with a locking front differential which does not depend on any other differentials to unlock, unlike its competitors. You can lock the front regardless of whether the rear is open, which makes it highly useful when you’re driving off-road. The locking front differential also makes the Bronco useful on snowy days and gives you as much power as possible.

3.   Trail Cruise Control

The Trail Cruise Control feature would reduce your mental load and overthink while you drive the Bronco. You can activate it by choosing the G.O.A.T mode and a set button on your steering wheel. It would keep your car’s speed stable regardless of the situation and environment, so you can focus on maneuvering. You don’t have to worry about throttles or brakes as long as this control is on. Just keep your eyes on the road. You can even use this in reverse, so it enhances your experience.

4.   Sway Bar Disconnect

The Sway Bar Disconnect is another good example of how the Ford Bronco stands out among other off-road vehicles. It would improve handling and prevent too much body roll while you drive on-road. But, when you use it off-road, it reduces how much axle articulation you get. This is why you have the option to disconnect it. The sway bar disconnect on the Bronco can be done electronically

5.   Independent Front Suspension

The independent front suspension would come right in handy whenever you’re speeding down a rough trail. It sets itself apart from the competition by improving its stability while driving at high speed. It also ensures that the impact made on one end of the car does not affect the other, so you can drive seamlessly. It also keeps the car stable whenever you hit a speed bump. The suspension is also versatile, so you can easily control the steering while you drive on-road.

6.   G.O.A.T Modes

The G.O.A.T modes are one of the highlights of the Ford Bronco. It stands for Goes Over Any Type of Terrain. You can select mud, rocks, snow, sand, or a Baja course and enjoy a smooth ride on any type of terrain when you use the Bronco. The mode you choose would alter the different systems in the car to tackle the road without any problems. You won’t have to overthink how to handle each situation with the Ford Bronco.

7.   Off-road 1-Pedal Driving

This is a feature usually found in electric cars. When you let go of the gas pedal while one pedal is activated, the Ford Bronco stops. Then, when you release the accelerators, the brakes begin to engage and you can enjoy very stable speed control. You don’t have to move to the other pedal. It would help drive over a slippery object while giving you precise control. One-pedal driving also makes it more convenient to drive.

8.   Modular Build

The Bronco has an all-around modular build, from the doors and fenders to the roof and the grille. The parts can be easily removed by disengaging the bolts and would protect the vehicle whenever you go off-roading. You can easily swap parts in and out too to improve your Bronco and customize it the way you want it.

9.   Crawler Gear

The Bronco has a special gear in the manual transmission called a Crawler Gear, which gives a mind-blowing crawl ratio of 94.75 to 1 when combined with a two-speed transfer case. So, for 94.75 rotations of the engine, the wheels would turn just once. This gives you a lot of crawl speed, which you would probably need when you’re driving off-road. You can enjoy the low speed without slipping the clutch and drive safely.

10. Pre-Wired for Accessories

The final but very useful feature is that the Bronco is pre-wired for accessories. It comes with six pre-wired overhead switches which include the main fuse box and five wiring harnesses. So, you can easily customize your Bronco and add whatever power features that you want to enhance your off-roading experience.

Enjoy Your Bronco Off-Road

The Bronco comes with a wide range of features that you can use to enhance your vehicle when you’re driving off-road. From the G.O.A.T modes and one-pedal driving to the trail, turn to assist and cruise control, there are different ways you can enjoy your Bronco when you drive off-road. If you’re buying your Bronco for constant off-road driving, then these features would come in handy.

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