Today I will give you a walk-around of the Bronco Sport Trail Rig. This walk-around should be a pretty good indication of what this vehicle is, what it can do, and how you can outfit it for your adventure.

Starting on the exterior, the Bronco Sport is in cyber orange which is an awesome color that’s available on both Bronco Sport and full-size Bronco. On the front, there is a custom nudge bar with rigid light pods mounted to the front as well. There are stock wheels that are available on the Badlands trim with BF Goodrich km3 mud train tires. It also has a one-inch aftermarket lift, which gives the vehicle a little bit of a taller stance.

There is the Badlands badge on the side which is reflective at night. There is also the Ford signature keyless entry pad. This is a feature that many Ford customers love. This Bronco Sport has a contrasting carbonized gray safari roof. At the back of the vehicle, there is the easy fuel gas cap which is a Ford signature as well.

Broncos Sport has some really impressive approach and departure angles. The back behind the rear axle is pretty short and the back end is very vertical contributing to those approach and departure angles for when you are out on the trail.

Moving to the rear of the vehicle, this is one of the most functional rear ends of a vehicle I’ve seen. It’s awesome for those people looking to get out and adventure on the weekends after a long week at work and everything’s built-in for functional ergonomic purposes. And things you wouldn’t really think of are integrated into this rear end in a very clever way. First of all, the handles where you close the tailgate. The Ford engineers have gone a step further and integrated these grab handles to be able to hang clothing after a long day on the trail. After the trail, you might be looking to relax a little bit and Bronco Sport has you covered. There’s an integrated bottle opener into the tailgate.

The rear end is very functional. There is a cargo management system so the cover at the rear end flips over, legs pop out and it becomes a nice little table for changing or for eating. It can hold up to 30 pounds so it’s very sturdy. There is also a tape measure on the back, and then it provides a shelf so if you’re looking to put things up and down below it will give a little bit of separation. But the functionality doesn’t end there. If you turn little twist locks on this platform you can move it back and it becomes a full second shelf for the rear cargo zone. The platform is fully removable: it slides down in the little notches and becomes a divider. So if you have fragile glass or cans you can keep them from rolling around or rolling out of the vehicle if you’re on an incline.

In the rear, there is a light switch and it is for integrated lights up in the tailgate making this area a nice place to relax after a long day on the trails. The lights pop up and they’re adjustable, and they light the whole area around you to make sure you can see what you’re doing and get packed up safely, and head on home. There are also four lasso attachments, two on each side of the vehicle to hang carabiners, straps, or water bottles. And there are four latch points to strap things in the back. And one more feature at the back of the vehicle is that not only the hatchback opens but the glass separately.

Now, let’s move up to the interior. The back seat of the Bronco Sport is a great place to be. The seats fold fully flat, it is a 60/40 split. The rubberized mats that you find on the back continue all the way up into the rear of the vehicle. The Bronco Sport is a more compact SUV, it’s definitely smaller than the full-size Bronco so the interior volume is going to represent that. Smaller adults and or children would fit better for longer rides but for short hops around town or mountain biking trails or the beach you could fit two adults back there comfortably.

Drop-down cup holders are doubling as an armrest for the middle seat. The back of the front seats in Bronco Sport is really cool, they’re functional and cleverly designed to fit a lot of different things. First of all, there is a zipping pocket on both the driver and the passenger seats. It is great for storing phones, maps, tablets, headphones — anything you want to get out of the way and organized that is easily accessible from the rear seat. Under the pockets, there are three rows of straps that are divided vertically. They are great to hook carabiners to, you can put a water bottle here or any accessories that you might need for camping or your outdoor adventure. There are also rear AC vents which are great to keep rear-seat passengers cool, and a 110 style outlet to charge up your devices before you hit the road.

My favorite feature in the back seat of Bronco Sport is under-seat storage. It has a rubberized floor mat so if you’re coming off of a muddy trail, your shoes are covered in dirt, you don’t want to get them on the boards, you can stick them in here and keep your vehicle clean.

Moving up to the front of the vehicle, Ford has done a great job thinking through all aspects of Bronco Sport. There are lots of great places to store things. There is a little storage shelf up here right below the 8-inch touch screen featuring Ford’s latest sync product. It is a great place to store your keys or your cell phone, maybe your wallet. If you want to keep your device charged there’s a wireless charging pad down here as well. There are also USB C and USB A outlets and a 12-volt power port.

Moving on down from the screen, there are basic radio controls and an auto stop/start deactivation switch. You will see climate controls and rotary shift knob as well. There is a drive mode with different modes such as slippery, sport, eco, normal mode, mud, and ruts, sand, rock crawl.

The Bronco Sport has a sunroof that opens fully. There is also an automatic sunshade so you can bring the outdoors in. Lastly, since this is the Badlands, you will have the BNO play audio system. The seats are contrasting black and brown with the Alcantara inserts.

And I will give you a little bit more information about the Yakima Lock-And-Load roof and the accessories they have featured on the Bronco Sport. First, for the base, we have the Yakima Lock-And-Load platform roof rack with the lock and load off-road gear mounts. As far as equipment goes, all your off-road gear is secured to the Yakima HD bar, crossbars with the Yakima Lock-And-Load ax, and high lift jack holders. And in the middle, there are Ford Performance recovery boards. The system is adaptable to whatever gear you might need to take.

Summing it up, it is an awesome vehicle displaying some of the capabilities and upgrades that you can do once you get your Bronco Sport in your driveway.

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