An overland themed Bronco is a nice vehicle for camping. The most standard models are with four doors, but you can also get two-door models with removable doors, removable hardtop, and robust technology with a ladder frame and rear rigid axle. It comes with a 2.3-liter inline four-cylinder engine with six plus one manual transmissions. The additional one is crawler gear. It makes off-road trips more comfortable as at low speed you can crawl over rocks to the destination you want.

Tires & Suspension

The Ford Bronco is based on a mechanically switchable all-wheel drive, and a transfer case with an automatic all-wheel drive is available as an option. A selectable terrain reduction is always on board. In contrast to Jeep, Ford dispenses with a rigid front axle and installs an independent wheel suspension there. However, selectable differential locks are available for both axles, which helps to compensate for the system-related deficits in the axle articulation.

Another wonderful part about Bronco is that it comes with the Sasquatch package suspension. It is equipped with four 17-inch wheels and 35-inch Goodyear tires. On the market, you can find Bronco with tires from other manufacturers but also of a decent quality. For the off-road values, Ford promises, among other things, 29 centimeters of ground clearance, without mentioning where this is measured under the center of the vehicle or the rear differential as the lowest point.


While go camping you will like the exterior lights. There are rigid lights on the front bumper, the cowl, and the rear on the roof rack as well as a 40-inch curved light bar all the way across the top. Most of them do use factory-mounting provisions. It means that you can optionally decide what lights you need and install or remove them easily by yourself.

Top Side

For fresh air fun, Ford relies on a solution with a removable hardtop – like the Jeep model. The hardtops (painted on request) consist of several units above the front and rear seats and can therefore only be partially removed, while the main part remains mounted behind the roll bar. In the case of the four-door models, the hardtop costs an extra charge.

If you take a closer look at the construction, bronco has a hardtop, which is a carbonized gray mold in color or MIC top. It is similar to resin color, but in fact, it is carbonized gray, mot painted. It allows you not to worry about scratches or anything like that.

Camping Features

Ford Bronco has become a favorite vehicle of campers due to its top. It has a Yakima two-person rooftop tent. It is a part of the Ford catalog, which means that you can easily order it together with the vehicle. It is mounted to OEM stock rooftop rails that increase the simplicity of use.

Another traveling benefit is the fold-down table attached to the rear hatch. It perfectly suits as a counter or workspace. With great versatility, you do not need to carry a lot of things with you. As it is of a proper height level, you can cook everything you need without difficulties.

Keeping food products cooled while going camping is important. With an ARB freezer combo, you will not have difficulties with it. The freezer box slides out to easily use it. Inside it has fridge and freezer spaces.

Vehicle winch

At the front side of this over road car, you have the Ford performance modular front bumper. It has the WARN winch and the ford winch mounting solution. The WARN winch Zeon 10S, where S stands for synthetic rope has a total capacity of 10000 pounds. It means that you can pull out the vehicle from various situations during your land trips.



The interior of the Ford Bronco is also pleasing. It is equipped with the badlands trim level and the lux package. It has optional marine-grade vinyl seats with washout floors. They are extremely robust and also are dust-proof. On the backside, you have a blackout panel. It brings more comfort to the passenger. As a part of the luxury package, you receive a wireless charging pad for your smartphone, adaptive cruise control, and some additional power ports on the dashboard. Bronco has the optional 12-inch screen, which comes along with the high or luxury package. As it has Ford sync 4, which is capable of wireless Apple Carplay or Android Auto.


Another important part of the off-road-traveling vehicle is the rear. It offers you plenty of room in the back seats. The backside of the front seats has molle grids. It allows you to attach your equipment, hand tablet to watch favorite shows, and any other gear you want.
While going camping you need to bring all the equipment you want. Ford Bronco has a nice build in terms of capacity. It has a Ford cargo management system.

Ford Bronco camping

After placing your equipment and luggage on the bottom part, you can lock it securely with the top part, which also offers some space for your cases and backpacks.

Good vehicle for active people!

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