In this article, we will have a 2021 Ford Bronco ARB build walk-around. The vehicle has all ARB badging and wrap. At the bottom, there are the frame-mounted ARB rock sliders that also feature ridges for added strength. And there’s also a jacking point for a high lift or our ARB jack. This Bronco is the Sasquatch package with a full range of accessories, some are on it now, some are coming in the future. As of now, there is the front bumper that they worked closely with Ford in designing. It has built-in light bar recovery points and it works with the parking sensors. It’s all frame-mounted and airbag compliant. ARB plans on offering a standard winch bar that you see across all the other platforms that they make products for.

Under the hood, there is an ARB twin compressor. It uses factory mounting positions, it’s located right under the ECU and it’s hidden out of the way but there’s plenty of access to keep the compressor cool. It also has a remote chuck that you can attach your hose to.

ARB rear bumper features jack points, recovery points and it works with the factory tire carrier. The slot at the bottom is big enough to clear a 37-inch tire. And inside there, there is a roller drawer and a roller floor kit along with a fridge and a jack. ARB drawer adds a ton of space to your rig. In here there is a jack base, inflation case that allows airing up and down along with other gear. There is a fridge, jack mount that uses existing holes to keep the jack secure and upright. There are also tread recovery boards, and a recovery case and the nice thing about this is the top slides out so you can access your fridge.

Going back to the rear bumper, there are parking sensor holes, and it also works with the factory hitch, and it maintains the hitch plug. Down there, there is a rear diff cover the ARB red. This Sasquatch edition came with lockers so it does not feature ARB’s but they have lockers ready to go for this rig and all the other Broncos that will be released. It’s using the factory Sasquatch suspension. ARB plans on offering their range of nitro chargers and bp51 suspension along with different spring options to match load capacities that you may want to do.

This Bronco features marine gray vinyl seats and an 8-inch screen. Since it is a Badlands edition it has orange accents. On the dash, there is the lynx vehicle interface system. It controls all your aftermarket accessories in your vehicle from lights, lockers, compressors, fridge. You can connect this to the fridge and control the temperature, set a lock while also being able to connect the air hose to the tire punch in the pressure that you want air up to or air down to, and it’ll do that on its own. You don’t have to worry about standing there removing a valve core or holding the valve on your inflator.

Even though, ARB has its rear drawer installed in the back it doesn’t get rid of all your cargo area. So the rear seat still retains. Since it’s a Badlands addition, it has the integrated molle behind the front and driver and passenger seats while also featuring the charging ports, both AC and USB A, USB C along with the standard window buttons.

ARB is also working on a full range of other products, such as the base rack, a full suspension system whether it is nitro chargers or bp51s, along with lockers front and rear, and everything else that you can think of, like full ARB winch bumper. So they expect everything to be ready upon Bronco release, so as soon as you drive it off the lot, you can get it built by your local dealer or visit a local off-road shop and you’ll have a full range of ARB product to choose from.

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