The long-awaited 2021 Ford Bronco interior is finally here, and it seems to have exceeded the expectations of all who were waiting for it. This majestic vehicle has a massive and large feel to it from the moment that you climb in, and has a rugged design to it that adventurers and car enthusiasts will have a field day with.

From teasers and leaked pictures, you’ve probably seen some of the features that the Ford Bronco has to offer, from the detachable doors and top and manual transmission to different door versions and two engines to choose from.

The 2021 Ford Bronco can be powered with either a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 engine or a turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. You can also either buy the version with two doors or four doors.

Regardless of what’s powering the Ford Bronco and how large it is, what’s equally important is the new Ford Bronco interior. There’s so much to consider when looking at the 2021 Bronco interior, from the retro design and style to the trim walk, all the way to the convenience and comfort it has to offer.

This guide will look at all aspects of the 2021 Ford Bronco interior that makes it surpass the expectations of its buyers.


Retro Design

A notable feature of the new Ford Bronco interior is the retro design, combining the style of the original Bronco to this new and improved interior. If you look at the dials and knobs of the vehicle, you will notice that their layouts are similar to the original. The same goes for the Bronco wordmark inscribed in the side dash at the passenger seat.

It’s evident that the team that designed the 2021 Ford Bronco interior went right into the details to provide a wholesome vehicle. They even brought in an actual, first-generation Bronco into the studio so that they could add some throwback elements into the design of the new one. Thus, you can enjoy an interesting mix of retro and old-school with modern and stylish.

The door and dash panels are made up of unexpected materials. For one, the instrument binnacle hood that is wide enough to go at the rear of the screen is made of tiny pebble grain hard plastic. Around it, you will see a woven textile material that is soft to touch. This is the same with the door panels and door handles, A/C vents, cubby bin, door pools, and even the center console. Although, all of these are set apart by a trim with different colors made from anodizing.

Another stylish feature of the new Ford Bronco 2020 interior that adds to the retro design is the wow factor that it offers by adding this soft-to-touch material on the console bin at the center and door armrests, all separated with the trim from anodizing. The seat upholstery has an impressive design.


Reconfigurable Style

The Ford Bronco interior has different reconfigurable features with less focus on the throwback designs. For one, the screws and grab handles can be removed and reattached, and so can the door and roof. You can place your phones on the dash rail and enjoy the wireless charging and additional power source.

You can even choose your interior design and colors, thereby literally customizing your 2021 Ford Bronco interior.


All the vehicles in the 2021 Ford Bronco series were found to be super comfortable. They offer complete support for both the driver and passengers and enough lateral reinforcement to maintain comfort whenever one is driving on steeper side slopes or corners.

It’s really easy to clean and maintain the inside new Ford Bronco. The interior will definitely get dirty but all the dials and switches are made from rubber which means you can easily wipe them clean.

The seat upholstery is also made of marine-grade vinyl that is convenient to clean and can remove excess water from the floors, also rubberized. You can enjoy the Ford Bronco interior without worrying about how to clean it later on, especially if you pick the white interior.



The 2021 Ford Bronco interior features no stress and no confusion, even if it’s your first time in the car. It has features that offer the utmost convenience, including the considerable ones like the Sync 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which also comes with a FordPass Connect and 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

There are also some minor features that you’ll find to be extremely helpful including the rear hatch glass that can open independently and the fact that the rear hatch jam has a bottle opener attached to it. You can also purchase the vehicle with the cargo management system for better convenience and more cargo space to store tents and bicycles.


We also have the screens that complete the 2021 Ford Bronco interior. The vehicle’s 8.0-inch central LCD touchscreen displays every information that any other Sync 3 system displays including navigation, audio, apps, phone, and settings.

You can also have a different display mode depending on what you’re going for, whether it’s a sand mode, sports mode, or any other driving mode. The display can also show other information like trip statistics, tire pressure, vehicle pitch, fuel consumption, roll angles, and torque distribution. Whenever you’re on the move, you have information on every single thing happening in your Ford Bronco.


Wide Open Spaces for Passenger Seats

The rear seats are roomy and cozy, with a high rear cushion and a higher rear roof. All seats in the car offer ample knee space regardless of your height and the rear seats match the same design, style, and vibe as the front seats.

Although the seatbacks are also comfortable, they cannot be adjusted so that’s one part of the Ford Bronco interior that is not reconfigurable. It also features a 110-volt outlet for charging, and A/C vents, completing the comfortable experience.

The back seats will be airy, especially if you take advantage of the removable roof and doors which you can stow onboard with given bags. The fact that there’s no center roof rail also means that all five passengers or seven depending on the Bronco you purchase can enjoy air and nature as they drive. The four-door Bronco has a soft-top roof and on the other hand, the two-door Bronco features the standard hard-top. The 2021 four-door Ford Bronco interior will definitely be more spacious than the two-door.

The GOAT Mode

We can’t talk about the new interior 2020 Ford Bronco without looking at the GOAT mode. This is one feature of the interior that all drivers are excited about because of what it has to offer. If you’re not sure about what the GOAT mode really is, you can think of it as the Terrain Management System that other vehicles from Ford offer, but with a different name.

The GOAT mode in the 2021 Ford Bronco interior means ‘Goes over Any Type of Terrain.’ It’s basically all the driving modes offered by the Ford Bronco for the driver to choose from. Depending on where you’re driving and the conditions, you can adjust your GOAT modes so that you drive safely and enjoy a better Ford Bronco experience.

All the Bronco variants, which will be explored later on, have five similar GOAT modes which are Normal, Sport, Sand, Eco, and Slippery. We also have more aggressive methods like the Rock Crawl and Mud/Ruts mode for versions like the First Edition, Badlands, and Wildtrak.

The GOAT mode also features a Trail Toolbox which is a unique and even unexpected section. It allows for Trail Control which will help with off-road driving, one-pedal driving, and trail turning. Regardless of where you’re driving, you can take the Ford Bronco and benefit from the GOAT mode.


Trim Walk for Ford Bronco Versions

There are different Ford Bronco versions and some of them feature different trim walks. If you want to get a complete idea of how the 2021 Ford Bronco interior really is, you need to know the interior of each version and what makes them different. Keep in mind that not all versions will be explained in this section and they are arranged in no particular order.



There isn’t much information about the 2021 Ford Bronco interior for the base, but it’s expected that it will feature typical carpeting on the floor and black cloth seats. The seating will also feature white stitching.

First Edition

The First Edition version of the Ford Bronco is already in high demand since it emerged. It features an Ebony/ Area 51 color scheme presented completely in leather. Area 51 is a grayish-blue color, and the vehicle features a silver anodized trim.

Outer Banks

When it comes to the Outer Banks version, you can look out for an upholstery design that features clothes and leather, all inspired by sports. The driver’s seat features an eight-way power while the passenger seat has a six-way manual adjustment for comfort and convenience.

There are two color codes you can choose when going for the Outer Banks version. For one, there’s the navy pier color with a light gray cloth bolster that looks like worsted wool matching with navy blue, with the usual anodized trim in silver color.

The second color code has ebony and brown color instead of navy blue, with the same light gray cloth bolster and bronze anodized trim.

Big Band

With the Big Band version, you can either go for a simple seating interior with slate gray and black cloth seats, or something more colorful with different patterns and blue stitching.

The Big Band features detachable carpets on the floor and rubberized flooring which is not only attractive but also makes it way easier to clean the vehicle during maintenance. Maintenance is also made easier with the removable rubber mats.

The center armrest in the rear area of the car can be folded down and placed up, and the seatbacks have pockets that can be closed with a zip. The pockets are big enough to store items like an iPad. Under the pocket, you have MOLLE straps with a military design. With these straps, you can attach different items when going on your adventure.


Finally, on our list, we have the Badlands version which is more glamorous than the other Ford Bronco interior versions. You can choose between two colors for the cloth seat, either the Ebony/Active Orange color code featuring a bright orange anodized trim, or go for the Ebony/Area 51 color with anodized trim of silver color.

The seats in the Badlands vehicles have different color contrasts, from the dark stitching and suede-colored shoulders to the seat insert perforations of ebony color. If you’re carrying wet gear, the interior of the Badlands has got you covered with the hidden compartment under the rear seats.

Final Take

When it comes to the Ford Bronco SUV interior, there’s a lot you should expect as listed in this review. The vehicle’s interior is attractive, combining different themes and features to give any driver an exciting experience when on the move.


Apart from the interior, you can also benefit from the two-door and four-door versions that the Ford Bronco offers. The Ford Bronco can seat seven people in the four-door version, while the two-door, one can only take five people.

The four-door version costs between $33,200 for the Base while other versions are yet to be confirmed. But, if the most expensive two-door version is $60,000, you can expect the four-door to be way more expensive than that. You can buy the 2021 Ford Bronco this spring at any of the Ford dealers near you.

If you’ve been waiting for the Ford Bronco for a long time, you won’t be disappointed with what the interior has to offer.

 Update article – April 27, 2022

Now that customers can see the newly-released 2021 Ford Bronco, there has been lots of noise about how impressive the interior design is. The Ford Bronco has been highly anticipated for a long time. And there was a lot of news about how impressive the interior would be. The announcements have materialized into the latest 2021 Ford Bronco, and we decided to take a look at it. In this guide, we would cover what we liked, disliked and what we were confused about. So, you know what to expect when your new Ford finally lands on your doorstep.

What We Liked

The 2021 Bronco interior has a sharp, attractive, and modern look. Ford used the chance to include different features that put it ahead of the Wrangler, and the technology is something to look forward to, as some customers have attested. We liked the Sync-powered 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system, located logically at the heart of the cabin, and featuring easy navigation, legibility, and large size, although it’s not a standard feature.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are well integrated into the infotainment system, but Ford didn’t do the same for the climate and audio controls. So, you don’t have to learn how to use the entire system before you start staying comfortable in your Bronco.

Another great part of the Bronco interior is the GOAT mode, which many have found to be helpful. It is controlled with a large knob, with controls for the cruise control button and 4-HI, 2-HI, and 2-LO. You get everything you need for off-roading in one place. The interior design is well thought out, such that you don’t end up confused from the moment you sit in the car. You get a combination of technology with analog controls.

What We Disliked

2021 Bronco gives a sense of cost-cutting in the interior, which means that it doesn’t exactly feel as sleek as it looks. The window wiggles with any force to the frameless doors, the dash pieces feel flimsy, and grab handles wiggle a bit, so you’ll feel uncomfortable with applying even the littlest force to your car. There is also the problem of the removable hardtop because the supplier has trouble meeting the demands. When you drive fast, you can also hear light rattling in the cabin, especially at speeds of 70 or 80 mph.

What We Were Confused About

Although the Bronco did its best to give you an interior that you can easily understand, the digital displays, especially the tachometer, have been said to be very confusing. It looks similar to a fuel gauge, so you might be confused about that at first glance. The red line is also tricky to place.

Final Verdict

Although there’s still room for improvement in the 2021 Ford Bronco interior, it’s not surprising that the pros overweigh the cons, as Ford put a lot of thought into the interior design. We can expect that Ford would improve more and more as time goes on, giving customers less to complain about concerning the interior.  

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