In this article, we’ll give you a walk-around of the latest Ford Bronco RTR that was debuted in strategic partnership with RTR. The presented package will be available through dealers. So, we will talk about the RTR design package as well as an additional protection package and tire swing-out.

For the design package, there are RTR tech six off-road wheels, they are 17 by 9. There are 35-inch

trail grapplers on them. Also, on the design package, you can see RTR exterior graphics. There will be

multiple color choices depending upon your base vehicle. The topography is from King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley. It is on the start line back door area.

There is also a top-down graphics package. On the bars, there is a nice little tonal element, very subtle but a really cool design package. There is also a-pillar right window frame graphics which is rare on vehicles. When the top’s off it really sticks out.


The package also includes a light bar which is designed to mount either on the front or the top depending upon what lights you may want. They are Project X FF7O’s. These are nice lightweight very high output lights and they have super cool DRLS driving lights. This light is up when the ignition is on and of course, it is wired into the pre-wired switches.

Also, part of the design package is the grill with integrated lighting, they are running lights. The grille has a very large three-dimensional pill pattern. The center bar will be removable and you’ll be able to put what you like: there are ones that allow lights inserts and there are also high flow ones that will have an option for the Bronco logo on there as well.

Talking about the protection, the package offers rock rails. There is a pill pattern that RTR puts in a lot of their vehicles. The rock rails offer a bit more body protection as well as a kick out in the rear. Just in case you’re up against a tree or a rock it’ll help you kick around that and get your tire clear so you don’t get jammed up.


Moving to the back of the truck, there is a rear bumper and optional tire swing-out. This tire swing out’s capable of up to 40-inch tires. You don’t have to move the tire swing out when you open the door — it just opens right with it. There is also an optional fridge freezer in the back. It is a Blizzard Box from type S. The fridge plugs into the factory 12 volt.

So, this is the initial package from RTR. There is also suspension in the works that will allow some bigger tires, and some other cool things that RTR is working on for Bronco Sport.

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