Today we will have a walk-around of a decked-out Bronco Sport Badlands edition. There are a lot of aftermarket bits and pieces that were provided by 4WP and we will talk about them.

We’ll start with the suspension. It’s lifted and it has bigger tires. It’s a spacer lift from Four Parts Factory on the front. On the tire size, 4WP offered 245/ 70/ 17, it is a bigger tire than you’d expect on this rig. It doesn’t rub at all. 4WP went for 17-inch race line wheels, they are black wheels with fake bead locks but they look great. It’s a Badlands edition so it gives it a more stocky look.

If you look down underneath the car, there is a pretty beefy skid plate. 4WP did a billet aluminum skid plate, laser-cut the 4WP logo into the front, and it goes pretty far under the car. There are major components that could get damaged, so nice thick aluminum will do the job, and that way you’ll slide over the rocks through the brush and not worry about damaging your Bronco at all.

There is also a full-length slider bar made at the Four Wheel Parts factory, so when you’re sliding over the rocks it protects the side. It is powder-coated and hooked to all existing holes pinch welds that already come on the Broncos. There is nice easy installation and full length so you get full protection on your Bronco.

Right now everyone wants to go camping and this is the perfect vehicle to do that with the family. So, 4WP provided an awning from Smittybilt, one person can set it up very easily. It gives you 10 feet of an awning and it has a mesh room that will hook to it if needed. So you can stay inside protected from the bugs and you can put your chairs in there and not get eaten alive. It folds away with a nice bag, zips right up, and the great thing is it bolts right up to the factory Bronco rack.

To go with that Smittybilt awning, there is a great tent. They’ve got various sizes — standard and XL. In a standard tent, two people can stay. It bolts right to the factory Bronco rack, so again, there is super easy installation right out of the box. It’ll bolt right to your Bronco in a matter of an hour or so. A waterproof tent comes with the ladder, and LED lighting inside that plugs right into your phone. There is a very nice updated mattress pad inside, and of course, it has rain, flies, and bug screens, so you are protected from all the nasty stuff that could happen out there with this Smittybilt tent.

When you look at the top of the vehicle there are lights on the front and also on the side. It’s something 4WP came up with. They offer a light bar. On the front, they did the four-inch rounds, and on the side, they did their square cubes. When you camp out and you need some light on your table, you can turn the sidelights on. On the front, when you’re off-roading, you need the light to get to your camp spot. So there are four great four-inch lights that’ll get you there. They also built a custom platform for the lights to mount to. It uses the Ford existing rack, bolts right in between, and then it holds the four lights or light bar.

4WP added a tire onto the rear and it doesn’t normally come with this Bronco. They didn’t want to have the tire flopping on inside and hurt someone or just be loose, or to take storage areas so 4WP came up with the solution. The rack for the tire goes right into the hitch. You pull the pin, pull it right out and you can still open the back, get in the back and get to your stuff. The next generation 4WP might do a table on here or make it so you can put your bikes or skis. The tire holder is designed for this vehicle and swings out of the way completely, it won’t hit the side and you can open the door.

Inside the rear of the vehicle, 4WP didn’t need to do any lighting because factory Ford actually does lights and there’s a switch on the inside so it lights up and you can see what you’re doing. But they put a fridge freezer made by Smittybilt. It draws very little amperage and plugs right into the factory port that’s already in the Bronco. They also built the tray for different camping gear on the bottom and this fits in nicely, it won’t hurt anyone, it won’t go anywhere, it’s going to stay upright. If you’re going to go off-road you need to have your bag, so there is a place for that, it has snatch block toe straps, various tools, and a Bronco emblem in there.

4WP also built the custom rack. On the side, it has an ax so if you’ve got to chop any wood if you get stuck, you’ve got your tools bolted there securely. There is a mounted shovel on the top also in a nice Bronco bag. 4WP also did some air solves, so if you get a flat tire or you air down off-road, you can air right back up with that Smittybilt accessory. On top of the case, there is some room for the awning. There is also an annex that goes underneath, so you have a solid sealed room with the floor on this side. You can come down the ladder, stay dry, sit inside and you’re never going to touch the dirt.

As you’ll see, there is a lot of camping gear that can fit in the rear space: a stove, a pot, pans, and table slides. All of these accessories are in stock at 4WP, and you can get them from any of the 95 stores. There’s no end to accessories, and Bronco is a great platform, and 4WP just added to it.

So on the interior, there are Bronco logos everywhere, the seats have it stitched in. It’s really clean and 4WP didn’t want to lose that clean look. So they only needed to add switches to turn on the lights. They added these nice pro comp switches, which are all touch. You touch it, and they’ll turn on the lights, turn color, keep the vehicle interior nice and clean. It is very easy to activate your lights and off-road accessories with this touch switch.

So, it is pretty cool to see a lot of these accessories that Four Wheels Parts has to offer. They add perfectly to Bronco and will be especially useful to those who use it for camping. So, if you are one of these people, you can get these awesome accessories at the 4WP website or stores around the country.

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