The 2022 Ford Maverick is an impressive full hybrid pickup truck known for being fuel and space-efficient. This truck can be classified as a small pickup truck and is the best option for people who require a lot of space but do not want to purchase a full-size pickup truck.

A standard hybrid powertrain powers the 2022 Maverick. A four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine comes with an electric motor that produces up to 191 horsepower. This engine is paired with a front-wheel drive and a variable automatic transmission.

There is also an optional non-hybrid powertrain, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces up to 250 horsepower. It is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, and an optional all-wheel drive.

The 2022 Ford Maverick comes in three trims; the XL, XLT, and Lariat, the XL trim being the cheapest among all three. Are you interested in knowing more about all the cool features this vehicle offers? Keep reading this article for more information.

Overview of the 2022 Ford Maverick

One interesting fact about the 2022 Ford Maverick is that it is smaller and more affordable than other pickup trucks, starting at around $20,000. The Maverick can be referred to as the return of a cheap compact pickup truck.

This truck has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds and a payload capacity of 1.500 pounds. Altogether, this small-sized pickup truck can tow up to 4,000 pounds. The hybrid powertrain has a fuel economy rate of 42 mpg (miles per gallon) in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.

The non-hybrid powertrain (front-wheel drive) has a fuel economy rate of 23 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. Lastly, the all-wheel drive (non-hybrid powertrain) is suitable for 22 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.

Features of the 2022 Ford Maverick

Let us look at all the quirks and features that you can find in the 2022 Ford Maverick.

Interior Design

One major thing that stands out in this vehicle is its fantastic interior design which is somewhat surprising as it is highly affordable. Ford uses cheap materials to design the truck’s interior, but it is done impressively.

The door panel, for example, is designed using a cheap plastic composite material and is molded into cool shapes at the top, which adds to its beauty. The seats are not designed with the usual cloth but a different style and pattern alongside orange stitching, which adds to its beauty.

The color orange is not only used for the seat stitches; it is a dominant color in the 2022 Ford Maverick. There are orange accents on the climate vents, the center console storage compartment, and the back center console storage compartment.

The dashboard is designed with a white plastic-like material that has grey flecks. This design adds to the overall appearance of the vehicle’s interior. These designs show that Ford was more thoughtful in designing an affordable truck, making it look different from most affordable trucks.

Ford was also very creative with storage compartments as there are different places to store things. There is a little slot on the door panel, perfect for water bottles; this slot extends to the end of the trim allowing for extra storage.

The center console is also another place to store things; it has about five different little cubbies where you can keep things if you want to. There is also an upright storage spot for phones. There is also a storage space next to and directly above the center screen, an odd place to store items, that is for sure.

Gauge Cluster Screen

There are little buttons situated on the center console used to change the drive modes in the truck. When you click on these buttons, you go through different drive modes displayed in images on the gauge cluster screen.

The gauge cluster is not very impressive. It shows some essentials (fuel level, speedometer, odometer) and shows whatever radio station you listen to, but that is all it can do. Compared to other vehicles, it is pretty much lacking. It is available only for your usual information.

Center Screen

The center screen is an 8-inch touchscreen standard on all Maverick models. It is straightforward to use and understand, but it does not have many features such as navigation, interior lighting colors, etc. It is a simple infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


The first noticeable thing about the backseats is how spacious it is, which is pretty impressive as it is a cheap and small-sized pickup truck. The truck is 199 inches long, four inches longer than a Honda Accord, which is not as spacious as it is.

The only disadvantage is that there is one charging port, but unfortunately, it is a cigarette lighter style, not USB (type c) or USB (type a), which means you cannot charge many devices when seated at the back. There are also no climate vents and controls at the back of the Maverick.

A cool feature is the storage space that is situated under the seats. When you lift the chairs, you get access to a storage cubby that runs the entire length of the seat underneath.

The Bed

The tailgate is not powered like the F-150, you open it manually, and it comes down. There are little pieces at the sides of the tailgate that serve as bottle openers which comes in handy during camping trips. Some straps allow you to fix the tailgate slightly higher, thereby preventing long materials in the bed from falling off during a drive.

The 2022 Ford Maverick has a bed extender, a cool feature that gives you extra bed space other than the 1372 mm you are given. There is a little storage area at the side of the bed with a hidden compartment for storing more things.

Exterior Design

There is a keypad on the door, which serves as Ford’s keypad entry system. It comes in handy when you do not want to take your car keys with you for fear of them getting damaged or lost.

All you need to do is leave your keys in the car, input your code, lock the vehicle, then return and input your code again, and the door automatically unlocks.

There is a little bit of cost-cutting for the truck’s hood. The vehicle does not come with hydraulic struts to keep the hood open. Instead, you have an old-school hood prop that does the job quite well. There is also no plastic engine cover; everything is exposed.

Final verdict

With all that is written above, we can easily tell that the 2022 Ford Maverick is worth it for the price. It is an affordable hybrid small-sized pickup truck that comes with impressive features.

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