When left with the opportunity of choosing between closely related options, carefully analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both options may be the way to go. In the current there are many minivans suitable for a family, however, very few match the KIA Carnival or the Honda Odyssey.

Surely these two minivans stand out amongst their peers, hence choosing between the two can be a bit tricky. Especially if you consider their closely matched attributes such as their V6 engines, their traction assists, and drive modes, their robust strength which allows them to tow up to 3500lbs, and their close horsepower ratings (Carnival 290, Odyssey 280).

Despite these similarities, there are several differences between the two products that set them apart depending on your preference for certain attributes which will be extensively discussed in this article.

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1. Styling

For many drivers, the styling of a vehicle is as important as its performance or any other attribute. A vehicle with a versatile sleek look that can blend in all situations and for all purposes is greatly preferred by most.

This is why in terms of styling the KIA Carnival is way ahead of the Odyssey as it looks more like an SUV than a minivan. The Odyssey like most Honda designs lacks a cohesive look. The design of its utilities and features lack symmetry.

The KIA carnival on the other hand is more neatly plucked and well-trimmed with a properly segmented interior décor arranged in classic rows and patterns. Due to the many buttons, you will find in both vehicles you may want to watch out for kids who can’t keep their hands to themselves.


Forget all the stats and numbers, because we all know nothing feels better than a car that performs in the real world. You want to have smooth rides with an engine that sings and revs just fine. This is where the Honda Odyssey outclasses the KIA Carnival.

The Carnival has a 290hp V6 engine with an 8-speed auto system that powers through on interstate journeys while seamlessly absorbing pavements with ease. However, the Odyssey on the other hand has superior ride quality and steering.

The Odyssey is also endowed with a lower driver seat that somehow gives a much better outward vision. It also has more gears with a 10-speed automatic system that surpasses that of the KIA carnival

 Comfort and Quality

Getting a minivan signifies a strong consideration for the entire family. Definitely, you want a ride that sits everyone comfortably with enough legroom for long rides and family vacations. After all, the major advantage of a minivan is its flexibility, and both the Honda Odyssey and the KIA carnival do well in this regard.

However, when placed side by side, the Honda Odyssey makes much better use of space, with neatly designed with bins in the doors, seatbacks, under the floor, consoles, and side panels. Also, its second-row seats are removable like that of the Carnival, albeit, neither operation is a task that can be done singlehandedly.

The KIA Carnival has airline-style lounge seats that are suitable for long-distance journeys for medium-size adults. To rival the Carnival’s chosen seat design, the Odyssey has a slide-and-tumble functionality closing the gap on the Odyssey and evening out their ratings on comfort and quality.

2022 Carnival


Being prepared for all possibilities and outcomes can be the tiny margin between safety and harm, hence it is important for a vehicle meant to convey a family or a group of people put into consideration safety mechanisms in its design for the preservation of life and belongings.

In terms of safety, the KIA Carnival outclasses the Honda Odyssey. The Honda Odyssey has a stellar crash-test rating with standard safety technology for maximum protection. It possesses standard auto emergency braking.

The KIA Carnival has even better safety features to avoid and withstand crashes. With its options for a surround-view camera system and standard blind-spot monitors, blind-spot cameras, and active lane control system you are sure to get your money’s worthwhile keeping you and your family safe.

Fuel Economy

The Honda Odyssey is known for its below-par efficiency when compared with hybrid rivals hence it scores low on fuel economy. The KIA Carnival does not quite cut it either in this regard with its sub-par fuel economy.


Sometimes it’s the little things that count, and the extent to which a design can create basic features that the whole family can enjoy should differentiate products. This is another area where the KIA Carnival edges the Honda Odyssey.

The Honda Odyssey has many powerful features, from the LX on up, to the sliding doors, and a keyless entry, but what lets this design down is its tiny 5-inch screen. A small screen is less user-friendly. The KIA Carnival, on the other hand, has a much wider 8.0-inch touchscreen with Android Auto compatibility and a wireless Apple CarPlay.

Both Minivans have power sunroofs, power tailgates, and heated front seats, but the KIA Carnival edges it slightly with its twin 12.3-inch digital displays, 12-speaker Bose Audio, a twin pane sunroof, and leather upholstery.


Despite their similarities in features and functionalities, the Honda Odyssey and the KIA Carnival are available at different prices with the Honda Odyssey costing more. The KIA Carnival ranges from $31,171 to $32,300 while the Honda Odyssey goes for as much as $31,485 to about $33,040.


Both vehicles have eye-catching features that are well-tailored to the needs of a family or a group of people, as you would expect from a minivan. They are both closely matched in style, performance, and other attributes.

However, when considering minute details such as their indoor features and aesthetic quality one may choose to for the KIA Carnival. Nevertheless, the smoother steering of the Honda Odyssey makes it an even better option depending on the terrain you intend to navigate through.

Either way, both choices are affordable and efficient vehicles, and the key to making a perfect choice is your peculiarities and preferences.

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