When it comes to family SUVs there are several factors you need to consider. The primary one is, of course, safety since you will be driving your whole family around including kids of various ages. Another important factor is size. You need enough space not only for everyone to sit but also to store all your luggage. And in many cases, when it comes to family outings, you need a lot of it.

There are dozens of SUVs that you will be choosing from so to make it easier for you in this article we have collected the best SUVs for 2021. We will be discussing 2-row and 3-row SUVs for families.

2-Row SUVs

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport


Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is a K3 class SUV. This is a slightly shortened version of the Atlas with a bit of a sporty touch to the design. At the front, the car has narrower optics, an extended false radiator grille with three horizontal chrome inserts, as well as a more aggressive bumper with a silver trapezoid at the bottom. The space for rear passengers is about 1026 mm. In the basic version, the car is equipped with an automatic braking system in emergencies, a blind spot monitoring system, as well as a warning about the approach of a car when reversing.

2021 Honda Passport


Outside, Passport looks attractive, modern, and brutal. The front of the crossover is decorated with headlights with LED filling, a large radiator grille with the brand’s emblem in the center, and a powerful bumper with fog lamp sections. The interior design is pleasant but not outstanding. Behind the weighty four-spoke, the multi-steering wheel is a panel with a 7-inch display with almost all information, and the symmetrical center console has an 8-inch touchscreen of the media center and microclimate. Among other things, the interior of the vehicle Passport can boast of good ergonomics, high-quality finishing materials, and a good level of assembly. The car is a five-seater. For front passengers, the seats are with widely spaced lateral support rollers and heating. In the rear, there is a comfortable couch, an almost flat floor, and a large amount of free space for three adult passengers. The Honda Passport has a 1,167-liter trunk. And this is not all since the second row of seats folds in several parts to a flat area, as a result, it increases to 2205 liters.

2021 Mazda CX-5


Mazda CX-5 looks brutal, but at the same time beautiful and graceful. In the center of the cabin, there is a 7-inch monitor of the multimedia center, and on the driver’s side, there is a stylish combination of devices with two dials and a 4.6-inch information display and a beautiful multifunction steering wheel. The center console is decorated with symmetrical ventilation deflectors and a prominent climate control panel. The interior of the vehicle is made of quality materials. The five-door car is equipped with comfortable front seats with the optimum rigidity of a filler. The back couch is made for two people, which makes it a comfortable accommodation with a lot of free space. The cargo compartment of the Mazda CX-5 has a volume of 403 liters. The second row of seats can be folded to increase the capacity more than three times — up to 1560 liters.

2021 Honda CR-V


Honda CR-V is a front- or all-wheel-drive compact SUV, which combines an attractive design, quality and roomy interior, decent technical components, and good driving characteristics. The target audience of this car is, first of all, city dwellers, leading an active lifestyle and wishing to get a multifunctional vehicle in which they can go to work, to the country, or on a journey. The exterior of the Honda CR-V is designed in the current style of the Japanese brand — the car looks beautiful, fresh, and energetic. In the center of the front panel there is a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia system with physical volume control, and just below is a stylish climate unit. The fifth-generation Honda CR-V can accommodate five adults — there is enough space on both rows of seats.

3 row SUVs

2021 Ford Expedition


Ford Expedition 2021 is a full-size SUV that can carry up to 8 passengers, pull trailers with a total cargo weight of up to 4.5 tons, and provide comfortable travel both in the city and beyond its borders. A dynamic ride is provided by a powerful gasoline engine, improved chassis, and aerodynamic properties. 2021 Ford Expedition has a ground clearance increased to 220 mm, which allows it to overcome any unevenness of the road surface. The large SUV comfortably accommodates 8 passengers, and the space for people in the last row exceeds all expectations. In addition, the electrically driven seats are folded separately. This allows for an almost flat surface and expands the capacity of the luggage compartment to 3,065 liters. In the standard configuration, the trunk has a volume of 526 liters.

2021 Honda Pilot


The 2021 Honda Pilot is a luxurious, respectable, modern car with sleek lines and an emphasis on graceful styling. The vehicle now looks like a representative of the luxury class of cars. The designers managed to harmoniously combine the traditional practicality of Japanese cars with the elegant style of modern world solutions. The luggage compartment is very functional. It’s huge: 510 liters with the rear seats up. And if you fold the seats, you can get 2,454 liters. The rear door can be equipped with a hinged hatch. Passengers have more legroom, especially in the third row of seats. The interior has become larger, the seats became very comfortable. Traditionally for Japanese technology, there are many places to accommodate various details. The approach to providing information has also changed. Now the car has an updated mobile phone interface, and the large color screen not only serves to display information messages and the navigation system but also reproduces the image from the rearview camera.

2021 Hyundai Palisade


Hyundai Palisade has a monumental appearance, a modern and practical interior, and efficient technology. Outside, Hyundai Palisade impresses with its size, but at the same time it looks quite attractive, balanced, and presentable, and its outlines contain both the «family» features of the South Korean brand and original design solutions. By default, Hyundai Palisade has an eight-seat cabin layout, while the last row is designed to accommodate three passengers. A comfortable three-seater couch is installed on the second row, which can be replaced by two chairs with folding armrests.

2021 Kia Telluride


KIA Telluride is a front- or all-wheel-drive full-size SUV, which is not only the undisputed flagship of the KIA crossover line but the largest model in the entire history of this South Korean automaker. Outside, the KIA Telluride draws attention not only due to its gigantic size. The crossover looks attractive, brutal, impressive, and balanced. The KIA Telluride salon has an eight-seat layout, that is, it can accommodate three passengers in the third row. As for the second row, a comfortable three-seater couch is installed here, which is optionally replaced by two separate seats that move back and forth using an electric drive. The trunk of the vehicle matches its size: its volume is 595 liters. The seats of the third and second rows fold into a flat area, significantly increasing the useful capacity of the trunk up to 1302 liters and 2464 liters, respectively.

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