It is always a fun experience to take your dog out on a drive with you, whether you are going a few blocks away or a far distance. It gives a beautiful feeling to see your furry friend stick their head out of the windows while enjoying the cool day breeze.

Unfortunately, there is a significant disadvantage with taking your dog out in your car, and that is dog hair. Dog hair does not damage the parts of one’s car in any way, but it will surely get stuck on the carpet and the nooks and crannies of your vehicle, which can be pretty challenging to remove. Not to mention the smell it leaves after being there for a while.

The best thing to do in such a situation is to clean off the dog hair from the carpets immediately, so it does not get too difficult to get rid of later. There are several different ways to clean dog hair off your car’s carpet, and this article will outline them; keep reading for more information.

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Different Ways to Get Rid of Dog Hair from your Car Carpet

Rubber Gloves

One of the most common ways to get rid of dog hair from your car carpet is using rubber gloves. It is an excellent choice as it is known to get rid of dog hair easily, but you must use household rubber gloves (the ones specifically designed for cleaning surfaces in your home).

It would help if you first tried wearing a dry glove and running your hands over the carpet in one direction to ensure you get rid of as much hair as possible. If you find out that you are not getting good results, you should wet the gloves with some water and do the same procedure. You will find out that the hair will easily cling to the gloves when wet.

This solution is ideal and hygienic to keep your carpets looking clean and fresh once again. You can choose to purchase rubber gloves specifically designed to remove pet hair or use a wet sponge if you do not have a household rubber glove.

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Sticky or Duct Tape

This is another effective way to get rid of dog hair from your car carpet quickly; it is another alternative if you do not have a lint roller, as they work the same way. Both options have been tried and tested to get all the stubborn dog hair off your vehicle’s carpet, but duct tape is less expensive and more effective.

You should remove a length of tape and wrap it around your hands with the sticky side facing up. Reach into your car and tap the areas on the carpet covered with dog hair; the hair would stick to the tape immediately.

Once the tape loses its stickiness, replace it with a new length until you have removed all the dog hair. Since you will be using your hand, it will be easy to reach the nooks and crannies.

You can also decide to use packing tape because it is less likely to leave residue on your car’s carpet than duct tape, but keep in mind that it is not as effective. Lastly, duct tape is not very hygienic, so keep an anti-bacterial hand gel nearby.

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A squeegee is inexpensive to clean dog hair off your car’s carpet; it is a cleaning tool with a rubber-edged blade for cleaning surfaces, usually windows. It is the perfect option for speedy and effective removal, and you can do this in two ways.

The first way is to use the squeegee to gather all the loose dog hair in one spot and pack it up with your hand. This tool is a great way to remove hairs lodged into the carpet fibers because of the blade.

The second way to use this tool is by running the squeegee along your car’s carpet in a scraping motion (a single direction from top to bottom). All the hair will stick to the blade, and you can wipe it off using a paper towel, your hand, or water. Repeat the process until you are done cleaning all the hair.

Squeegees are very cheap and can be purchased in supermarkets and stores. They come in different sizes, and it is better to buy a smaller size to keep it in your car everywhere you go.

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Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners specially designed for cars are also a straightforward way to get rid of pet hair from your car’s carpet. They are a perfect choice for less stubborn hairs – a high-powered vacuum is the best option. A handheld vacuum is small enough to fit into the smaller parts of your car.

If you do not want to do this, you can opt for a handheld vacuum. When using this tool, you have to clean the hairs in a lifting motion as this is an effective way to get rid of them completely. You can plug the vacuum cleaner into a cigarette lighter or any other charging port in your car.

Avoid using the plastic head of the vacuum cleaner to scrub the dog hair off, as this can damage the car’s carpet.

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Velcro Hair Curlers

As absurd as this sounds, Velcro hair curlers are an effective way to get rid of dog hair from your car’s carpet if you do not want to use a lint roller or duct tape. They are small enough to store and clean the nooks and crannies in your car. These curlers work better on flooring, making them the best option for your vehicle.

Velcro curlers have prolonged tips that make them easy to lift hair from the carpet; all you need to do is roll the curler over the carpet’s surface where the hairs are.

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After reading the sub-heading above, to answer the recurring question in your mind, yes, you can use balloons to get dog hair out of your car’s carpet. An inflated balloon is an effective solution; it uses static electricity to allure loose pet hair from your carpet.

Unfortunately, this cleaning option will only pick up loose hairs and not hairs that have been lodged into the carpet fibers. If you choose to use balloons, you will have to go for another option to clean your car’s carpet thoroughly.

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Above are some effective ways to eliminate the loose and embedded dog hairs on your car’s carpet. After taking your furry friend out for a drive, you can try out any of these six methods.

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