Choosing a reliable crossover is not a die-hard task as responsible car fans know that there are two main competitors in that class represented on the market. Yes, both of them are of Deutch origin. We are talking about two monsters of the SUV class that are BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE. So let’s compare them highlighting the main bright sides and drawbacks of each model.

Let’s start with the design. After failed attempts to make something creative and sporty in BMW X5 F15, G05 looks more classy yet it has something similar to GLE W167 so we can claim they are equally Asian-styled crossovers.

As for motors, both of these cars have quite powerful engines. The difference is, by the way, Mercedes offering cheaper options in the basic package with 4-cylindric motors. BMW X5 G05 has a 6-cylindric motor in basis. As for the volume, the volume of the engine of Mercedes is 2.0, while the BMW offers 3.0 liters. Which also plays a role. Well, there is a difference in the amount of horsepower: 249 for the BMW X5 versus 245 for the Mercedes GLE. It seems to be a little, but it plays an important role.

In terms of driving performance, both cars have high-quality air suspensions. But at BMW it is a cut above in its smoothness. As a result, the smooth ride of these two crossovers in comparison also speaks in favor of BMW.

Another feature worth considering is the interior design. A high-quality and ergonomic interior is characteristic of both of these models. But in terms of comfort, the Mercedes wins due to the fact that it has much more rear space for passengers. The same is the case with the trunk. BMW has a split lid, which provides more comfort than the classic one-piece form factor in the trunk of a Mercedes.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the Mercedes has fewer custom options than the BMW. That is, the X5 G05 has much more configurations than the Mercedes GLE, and this is convenient for those who choose a car to suit their needs.

So, the BMW X5 G05 bypasses the Mercedes GLE W167 in several positions at once: it has better engine performance, a more comfortable air suspension, and a smoother ride. And most importantly, more options for configuring a car to suit the needs of the buyer. Mercedes, on the other hand, is ahead of it exclusively by design chips: body design, a more spacious rear part of the cabin. But we are sure that each of the cars will have its fans who will gladly spend their money on the car of their dream.

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