In this article, we are comparing a Badlands Bronco versus a Bronco Wildtrak. We will go over the differences between the two vehicles so it will help you make a decision about which vehicle has better suspension components and better trim level.

First, we will focus on the Badlands. Let’s discuss the wheels and tires. The Badlands automatically comes with a set of 33-inch tires, they’re LT 285 70 r17s and they are Goodyear Wrangler tires, it is an MT tire — a mud terrain. What’s great about the Badlands suspension system is you get all of the goodies. If you are looking for one of the best suspension components on a Bronco for 2021 you might want to consider the Badlands.

Badlands wheels

This vehicle does not include the Sasquatch package but you can option with it. But it comes with the premium HOSS suspension. You’ve got most of the goat modes in the system. And the other thing is going to be the automatic sway bar disconnect. This vehicle features an independent front suspension system. And it handles high-speed roads really well.


The way the sway bar disconnect works is you’ve got each one of the ends of the sway bar tied into the front of the vehicle to make sure that it doesn’t roll. So when you press the button inside the cab if you’re going less than 20 miles an hour it will automatically disconnect and it allows the ends to pivot. When you go back and have it locked back in when you’re doing on the road driving or when you speed up above 20 miles an hour it is locked back in. The great thing about this setup is that it naturally disconnects and naturally connects. This is a fantastic technology that Ford’s put into use. At the front of the vehicle, there is a carbonized front grille, the white emblem for the Bronco.

Now, let’s discuss Wildtrak. The biggest difference is the following: the Badlands comes standard with that premium HOSS suspension but it doesn’t come with Sasquatch; the Wildtrak automatically has the Sasquatch package. There is a set of Goodyear empty tires. The tire is a 315 70 r17, which means it’s wrapped on a 17-inch wheel. The vehicle also gets the premium Hoss suspension system and the Sasquatch package which makes it about an inch and a half taller. So, the biggest difference is the taller suspension and no sway bar disconnect. And the Badlands has a smaller suspension lift but with the sway bar disconnect.

On the inside of the Wildtrak, the first thing you’ll notice is a multi-colored seat. The Wildtrak comes with a certain color key inside of the vehicle. There are blue accents that are the sign that this is a Wildtrak model. As far as the interior of the Badlands, it has marine-grade vinyl seats that are not available inside of the Wildtrak. This marine-grade vinyl looks more like leather and it’s of very good quality. You’ll also notice the orange accents all throughout the inside of the vehicle. So, the orange accents are a sign that it is a Badlands. And when you get the marine-grade vinyl it automatically comes with the wash-out floors. You can just pull up floor liners, open up the plug and literally wash it out.

Ford Bronco Badlands

Another couple of differences between these two particular vehicles are going to be the grills. The grille on the Wildtrak is painted black versus the carbonized gray molded in the color front grille on that Badlands. The other thing we want to discuss is the styling or the graphics package. The wild track has an available graphics package which has got the graphics running down the side of the vehicle and the hood of the vehicle as well. That’s not available on the Badlands. The Wildtrak has painted mirror caps versus normal hard plastic on the Badlands.

The Badlands has the rock crawl mode. Whereas, the Wildtrak doesn’t have the rock crawl mode but it has a sport mode that replaces it. But the great thing is that both of the vehicles have a Baja mode. The Wildtrak is designed around the customer who wants to go high-speed off-roading. The Badlands is for a person that might be going off-roading or wheeling, just a slower speed kind of off-roading.

And one more difference between the two vehicles. The Wildtrak, because it has the Sasquatch package, has got no rear crash bars whereas the Badlands does.

To sum it up, the Badlands Bronco features things like a stabilizer bar disconnect and a premium HOSS suspension system. The Bronco Wildtrak comes standard with the Sasquatch package, and it is designed to be more of a high-speed off-roading vehicle. It also has a HOSS suspension system that is lifted about 1 1/2 inches to make room for 35 inch Goodyear Wrangler tires.

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