There are a couple of things that you shouldn’t do when you get an off-roader, but the most important is keeping it completely clean and dirt-free. Many people are excited about and buy SUVs, but they end up never actually going off the road. This can be for many reasons, although at the top of the list, it’s the lack of playgrounds or off-roading space.

Ford doesn’t seem to want this to happen to its 2021 Bronco trim series, which is what backs up the idea of the Bronco Off-Roadeo. This is an off-road outdoor adventure playground created by Ford to give all its buyers the chance to fully experience what the Bronco has to offer.

The manufacturers are planning to reveal four Bronco Off-Roadeo off-road schools, so all rough terrain enthusiasts and Ford car owners can test out the cars in these places. They plan to set these schools up in amazing and attractive locations in the wild. 

It’s also expected to have these schools in various places in the US, which makes it easily accessible for all enthusiasts regardless of where they reside. Another reason why they plan to set up the schools in different locations is so that the SUV can be displayed and experienced on different kinds of terrains. Ford will open these four Bronco Roadeo locations sometime in the next year. 

The latest Bronco brand is expected to have three models in its series. There is the comeback of the two-door version, the latest four-door model and the crossover, called the Bronco Sport. The Bronco Sport, rugged and small-sized, is the only domestic brand with standard 4×4. The three cars feature Built Wild capability, which is similar to the Trail Rated badge from Jeep. It offers a great off-road design and high technology. 

Ford is building excitement amongst its fans and enthusiasts with different Bronco merchandise. These are licensed by the manufacturers and are available on Amazon. This will tempt buyers with the outdoor experiences and fun promised by the different Roadeo locations. It is also building hype within the Bronco online community.

Where are the Bronco Off-Roadeo Locations?


For those planning to off-road in Texas, they can look out for beautiful sunsets, rugged ranches and many wild Broncos running through the natural terrain. The location is set an hour outside Austin, and you can lookout for a great off-road experience in this location. Texas also has a drier climate, with rocky creek beds and winding rivers you can drive over. When the rainy season comes, it lets you enjoy the SUV even better.


For anyone who wants to enjoy camping, mountain biking, hiking, river rafting and more outdoor missions, Moab is well-known as an unequalled destination. It is an off-road paradise for any Bronco user and enthusiast and has a gorgeous backdrop to complete your experience while you drive. It has multiple trails going into different directions, with narrow canyons, mud, steep ledges, sand and snow. Those in Southern Utah can visit this amazing location.


Vermont is known for its iconic Class 4 roads, which makes it perfect to learn more about Bronco’s off-road capability. The Bronco Off-Roadeo is expected to have a private trail system that can help you test your off-roading skills in remote areas. This location has a lot of rugged trails and scenes that look like they came out of postcards. There are thousands of miles of dirt roads that you can explore. You’ll find out why they call Vermont the Green Mountain State.  


Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state, over 300! This makes it perfect as a Bronco Off-Roadeo location. The state features tracks, rocky roads, and tens of millions of acres of public land, open for all types of off-roading, especially Baja-style racing. It has challenging and remote terrain, making it ideal for testing your new Ford Bronco.

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