If you are going to order a new Ford Bronco you have probably wondered if you should get a Sasquatch package. In this article, we are comparing Bronco Badlands and Bronco Badlands with the Sasquatch package.

Bronco Badlands without a Sasquatch package features a set of LT 285 70 r17 Goodyear Wranglers and it does have the premium Hoss suspension. You get that on a Badlands model and if you go with something like a base model the Sasquatch is going to cost you more money because you’re upgrading more of the suspension components. You get 17 inch set of wheels with some curb rash on it, which is awesome because these things are actually being used and abused a lot. There is a crash bar in front and there is also a crash bar in the rear.

The other thing we would like to compare is the fender flares. There is a big difference between the two vehicles as far as the width of fender flares — the fender flares on a Sasquatch package are wider. The cool part about the fender flares is that they’re easily removable.

Ford Bronco Fender Flares

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On a vehicle with the Sasquatch package there are Beadlock capable wheels: so if you unbolt all of the beads, take the wheels off, unbolt the ring off of it you can buy a kit through your Ford dealer and pop the bead to the other side by a bead lock ring and mount the tire to the wheel. It’s for off-road use only but it is really cool that Ford gives you that ability to go hardcore wheeling. You get a bigger tire: it is a LT 315 70 r17 Goodyear Wrangler MT.

There are a couple of other differentiating factors you want to know about the Sasquatch. There is a badge that has Badlands Sasquatch written on it, so it is easy to figure out. And on this badge, there is an actual picture of a Sasquatch walking through. Talking about suspension, it sits roughly about one and a half inches higher than the non-Squatched Badlands. Also, the Sasquatch removes the crash bars in the front and the rear of the front tire.

And these are the biggest differences as far as the non-Sasquatch versus the Sasquatch package on Badlands. To sum it up, the Sasquatch package features 35″ Goodyear Wrangler tires while the normal Bronco Badlands has the LT285/75R17 Goodyear Wrangler tires. In addition, the Sasquatch also has no crash bars, while the normal Bronco has crash bars in the front and the rear. The Sasquatch package also features wider fender flares. Those larger fender flares are designed to cover the larger wheel and tire combination. Speaking of the wheel, all Sasquatch vehicles have a Beadlock capable wheel. As far as the exterior is concerned, the badge on the front fender actually has a big foot walking through the forest.

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