News about the 2021 Ford Bronco has gone from anticipating and reviewing to deliveries and delays, but many customers are still holding tight for the new off-roading car. Although Ford had already stated that because of the sky-high demand and the production delays, deliveries would extend until the 2022 and maybe 2023 model year.

But now, the reservation page on the Ford website is no longer showing you how to reserve a Bronco. Instead, it is redirecting those that have already made an order to an FAQs page on delivery, and those that are yet to reserve one to their local dealers.

This means that, as of now, you can’t reserve a Ford Bronco 2021 if you’ve never ordered one before.

What Customers Are Saying

News on the reservation program ending was met with mixed responses from customers and enthusiasts. While some say that Ford should have made this decision a long time ago, others are worried about what it means for them that haven’t ordered.

It was expected by many that Ford would close the reservation program soon amid all the news and ruckus on production delays and defective hardtops. Perhaps it was a good idea for Ford to take a break and focus on the orders they have already gotten, rather than trying to keep up with the never-ending orders.

On the other hand, some customers are worried and asking questions like, ‘What if I just ordered mine a few days ago?’, and ‘What does this mean for current reservation holders?’ For the latter question, it seems like current reservation holders would not be affected by this closure because their order is already registered with Ford. They would just have to wait for the 2022 model year. And for the former question, as long as your order was confirmed before the closure, you’re in the clear.

What This Means for the Potential Buyers

Customers that have been waiting for news about delays and delivery to die down before they order their Bronco might have to wait until those in the 2022 model year are delivered. This means they can’t order any new Broncos until late 2022, and when they do, they can expect their car in 2023.

Although there are a few upsides to this, like the new features and designs that are coming with the Broncos of later model years. At the same time, knowing you might have to wait till 2023 for a Bronco is discouraging, and prices would most likely shoot up as time goes on, so you’ll get it more expensive than those in 2021 and 2022 did because there isn’t a price protection for later orders.

Is the 2021 Ford Bronco Worth the Wait?

At first, many people asked whether it would be worth it when news about the Bronco first started flying around. Now, customers are wondering whether the car is worth waiting for till 2022 and 2023. If you’ve been waiting for the Bronco for a long time and you’ve made your order, there’s no harm in waiting a bit longer. But if you have no reservation at all, it’s up to you to decide if you can wait a little longer.

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