Now that the 2021 Bronco is out in the open and deliveries are being taken care of, what many people want to know is if and how they can lift their new Bronco. Many enthusiasts had to wait for about a year for the new and improved Bronco SUV to roll of production lines since the time it was announced in July 2020, and with the many delays, it’s not surprising that those who got their Bronco are excited to personalize it as much as they can.

Although the Bronco already offers legendary abilities as an iconic off-road vehicle, many owners are looking for ways to improve its features even better. One of the ways is by lifting your Bronco, but you can’t just dive into it once Ford drops it in your garage.

So, you don’t make any mistakes, we would explore important factors to consider before lifting your 2021 Ford Bronco.

Important Things to Know

There are some important things to keep in mind before you plan to lift your Bronco SUV. The first thing is everything about the Bronco, from the trim level and suspension you use to whether it has a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. For instance, not all suspension lifts can work with all trim lines, so this is an important factor to keep in mind. You can check out the manual of your Bronco or ask your dealer for the details.

Now, you need to know what you’re using your Ford Bronco for in the first place. While some drivers are focused solely on off-roading with the 2021 Bronco, others plan to use it on-road too. The use of your Bronco would determine the type of lifting and suspension that you go for so that you don’t end up being uncomfortable with your car.

Another important thing to know is the look that you are going for with your 2021 Bronco. You might want an intimidating and rough-looking Bronco that looks like it’s made for mud crawling and off-roading, or a Bronco that can pass as an everyday on-road vehicle while working off-road too. It’s always great to have an image in mind before lifting your Bronco.

Lastly, you should know who your dealer, installer, or seller is. You need to know that you’re hiring a reliable service to lift your Bronco so that you don’t end up with something shorter or taller than what you expected. You should also talk to them at length before they go ahead with lifting your Ford Bronco so that they can better understand the factors that you’re keeping in mind.

Warranty and Maintenance

Is lifting your 2021 Ford Bronco going to affect your warranty? You need to consider whether the changes you are making to your Bronco would make your warranty void or not and if you can afford this. Before lifting your Bronco, check out the warranty conditions on your SUV or ask the dealer because if you don’t, you might end up spending money on every single defect on your Bronco, whether it’s your fault or the manufacturers. But if you don’t mind breaking your warranty for these updates, then you can go ahead and lift your Ford Bronco, or you can wait until the warranty period is over.

Maintenance is another important thing to keep in mind before lifting your Bronco. Although it’s exciting to lift your Bronco when you think about the exciting things you can do with it, but remember that you still have to maintain and keep it in shape. Maintenance is important for safety reasons, so after lifting your Bronco, you can visit your installer after about 1,000 miles for them to recheck everything and ensure you’re good to go. This is another reason why you should choose the right installer to lift your Bronco. Also, if you notice anything off after lifting your Bronco, it’s best to go back to the seller.

Height Limitations and Frame Cutting

Height limitations are another important factor to keep in mind when lifting your 2021 Ford Bronco. Keep in mind that your Bronco can’t fit everywhere after lifting, so you don’t want to end up leaving your car at home all the time because it can’t fit in most parking lots or garages. So, you should consider the parking lots of the places you go to more, like your workplace or school and home, before lifting your Bronco. You can also explain this fact to your dealer or mechanic so they keep this in mind.

By cutting your frame, we mean that you should think about whether your lifting would be permanent or temporary. Are you lifting your Bronco because you’re going on an off-roading trip, or do you want it to be like that forever? With some lifting kits, you would have to cut part of your subframe to replace it with a cross-member, and this can be permanent. If you go for frame cutting, you also have to keep in mind that it might be difficult to resell the Bronco if you planned to do that later on. Ensure that you stress this factor to your installer.

Fuel Economy

The final factor in our guide is the fuel economy because the higher your lift your Ford Bronco, the less efficiency you get for mileage. With a bigger or wider tire, the rolling resistance of your Bronco would have increased, leading to the SUV working harder when it’s driving. When this happens, there’s no doubt that you would consume more fuel than before.

Last Thoughts

Once you take all the necessary steps to properly lifting your Bronco and carefully consider all your options based on the factors given, all that’s left is for you to completely enjoy your improved SUV. Make sure you do everything you planned to do while waiting for the Bronco to be delivered, from off-roading in mud and sand to snow and on rocky trails.

As long as you remember to maintain your Bronco, take the right safety precautions and drive safely, you would gain more from the 2021 Ford Bronco.

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