The Ford Bronco is a legendary SUV, produced in various modifications from 1965 to 1996. After its production was completed in 1996, off-road enthusiasts had virtually no alternatives except the Jeep Wrangler. Its manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, took full advantage of the opportunity to boost sales.

According to the resource, if in 2010 94,000 Jeep Wranglers were sold in the United States, then in 2018 there were already 240,000. Against the background of the global crisis in the automotive industry that erupted in 2019, sales decreased, but not much – up to 230,000.


1992 will be remembered as the year of the beginning of the fifth generation of Bronco The car received a new, more aggressive front and bumper design, the ability to install a leather cabin inexpensive versions. Engines were used from previous models, but the power of the 5.8 liter engine was increased to 240 horsepower.

The car lit up in the high-profile case of O.J. Simpson is an actor and player of the U.S. National Football League, accused of killing his wife and her secret boyfriend in 1994. The pursuit of the criminal in a white Bronco, by 9 helicopters and 20 police cars, was broadcasted live on the news and broke all audience records.


You have a lot of engines: one is the muscular 300-v8. This car has played various roles for different people. Motorists, all-wheel-drive fans, drag-racing fanatics, etc.

Old school SUV

The window opens automatically, then you call to pull down the tailgate, it looks really a bit odd now. You need almost a minute to get inside, but you can hang out, drink and eat inside your car.
The station wagon model it is the only one to survive until 1996. The station wagon chassis provided a seat for passengers, freight, and off-road adventure equipment.


Huge passenger transport capacity

Inside the car, you feel comfortable with good leg space.

Body design

Ford created a cheaper and more stable car expanding the engine significantly but keeping low costs. It is believed to be one of the strengths of this car.

Loading space

The car manages to hold up to 100 cubic ft. load. Ford kept the weight low and created a truly spacious interior without the sacrifice of performance.

All-wheel drive

The distinctive feature of the car was its ability to get anywhere (sometimes with multiple modifications). Despite the advantages of a solid front axle, consumers supported the axle division due to softer driving, which hampered the vehicle’s vitality for off-road use. Even with this obstacle, however, the car provides drivers around the world with a pleasant ride.
The all-wheel-drive allows drivers to safely reach their point no matter the weather. It’s not easy to find a better old-school SUV, because of the options available for drivers.

Photo: Unsplash

External modifications have been brought to the foreground with cleaner lines, while those within the new dashboard. Electric rear-view mirrors have been offered again since 1992, and in 1996 the Bronco became the first car to include direction indicators in rear-view mirrors.
This Bronco series was built in both the United States and Venezuela.

Conclusion: the car gets 5 out of 10. 2 out of 10 for fuel consumption. The new one will be definitely much better! What’s your opinion?

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Pavlo Prannyk