Extreme design that recalls the origins, versatile and customizable configuration

The design of the new Ford Bronco takes the shapes and proportions of the original 1960s off-road vehicle. The aggressive and extreme look with angular and square lines, which we had seen in the photos, characterizes the 2 and 4-door variants, both with the classic frame with side members.

Equipped with removable panels on the roof and sides, in addition to the canvas roof on the 4 doors, the new Ford Bronco offers ample possibilities for customization, also allowing the doors to be removed to make travel in nature even more “adventurous”. Ford focuses a lot on customization to ensure that Bronco conquers space on the market.


ford bronco sport 2021


The new off-road vehicle offers seven trim levels (base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, Badlands and First Edition), eleven body colors, four optional packages, and a full range of more than 200 original accessories.

Practical interior with infotainment Sync 4

The interior of the new Ford Bronco aims to enhance practicality and resistance. Onboard we find supports and handles useful in the most extreme driving. Obviously, technology is not lacking, with the presence of the Ford Sync 4 infotainment system with 12-inch display, connected with the new FordPass Performance App and which integrates the new off-road navigation mode capable of exploiting specific maps and data constantly, updated, shareable and available even without a connection.

The presented new Bronco Sport crossover is a pretty cool SUV. At 172 inches long the length is closer to the Jeep Renegade.
Externally, the new body of the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is a bit like its older brother due to a similar vertical front end with round headlights and a black radiator grille trim with the model name displayed on it.

The steering wheel is made of strange plastics that feel pretty bad as a material. The same is for the glove box. You have a mix of leather and durability and cheap material and together is a bit strange. They should upgrade the steering wheel.


ford bronco sport 2021 interior


Usually, these kinds of cars have has 18-inch wheels, but this particular model has a 17,5-inch wheel, the best luxury option for this model, and the shock absorber and a badland badge on the front door.

About the exterior style: it is really good-looking. They have done a great job with this boxy, bulky design, this model stands out from the crowd.

The roofline goes up in the middle for better headroom, and it allows sleeping inside. The car can support a roof tent: so if you want to go camping on the roof of your Bronco Sport instead of camping on the ground with snakes, etc., you can do that.

Next step, speaking of the central control system back at the top you can see a nine-inch screen that is available on all the Bronco models: we must say it is very good and very responsive, and it works well. Intuitive and easy to use
If you climb inside of your Bronco Sport, you will see a 30-second graphic that forms the Bronco logo on the monitor, every time you step into the car.


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