Compact crossover SUVs are perfect for outdoorsy drivers who need a diverse vehicle. The vehicle should excel in all areas, from its ride quality on the road to enough power for moving off-road. Two vehicles in this aspect are the Ford Bronco Sport and Toyota RAV4.

The Ford Bronco Sport is inspired by the 2021 Bronco, copying its retro-mode styling and off-road quality, but has the on-road quality of the Escape. On the other hand, the Toyota RAV4 has been redesigned, as it has been around much longer than the Sport. It features an impressive balance of power and efficiency.

The Bronco Sport and RAV4 are two different crossovers, but with fantastic experiences to offer. They all have different ways of standing out, with RAV4 featuring a rugged design, a comfy interior, and a wide range of driver-assistance features. But with the Bronco Sport, you can expect a plethora of tech-savvy features and off-road equipment.

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Ford Bronco Sport

Toyota RAV4


Engine and Performance

The Ford Bronco Sport has the same platform as the Ford Escape, with two engine choices. The standard engine is a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, while the option is a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. Both have eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive but provide 181 and 245 horsepower, respectively.

You can expect the Bronco Sport to exceed the expectations of a compact SUV, although it isn’t as capable as the original Bronco. The Baby Bronco offers decent off-road equipment, especially on the higher trims. You can look out for all-terrain tires, sturdy shock absorbers, better cooling components, paddle shifters, and added ground clearance.

As for the Toyota RAV4, there is only one engine choice with eight-speed automatic transmission. Under the hood is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with four-wheel drive, offering 203 horsepower. You can also get an all-wheel-drive on some trims as an optional choice. You can disconnect the rear axle and enhance the fuel economy with the AWD.

With the RAV4, you get a solid and stable feel while driving down the highway, especially with impressive cornering performance. It also features practicality and efficiency, with a rugged design that takes rough terrains head-on. You can also up the engine power with the hybrid option.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the Toyota RAV4 makes the Bronco Sport pale in comparison, so it’s a perfect choice if you want to be fuel-efficient. The front-wheel-drive offers 28 mpg and 35 mpg for the city and highway. Also, the all-wheel drive is 32 mpg on the highway. You get even better efficiency when you purchase the hybrid version of the RAV4.

On the other hand, the three-cylinder engine of the Bronco Sport is set at 25 mpg and 28 mpg for city and highway, while the four-cylinder drops further to 21 and 26 mpg.

Infotainment and Technology

When it comes to infotainment and technology, the Bronco Sport and RAV4 are pretty much doing their things. The RAV4 features a 7.0-inch touchscreen on lower trims, but it becomes 8.0 inches when you purchase the XLE trim and higher.

You can also expect 4G LTE mobile hotspot, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay as standard options. Then, the optional features are navigation, JBL audio system, and a wireless charging pad. The models also come with Scout GPS Link for innovative navigation.

All Bronco Sports have the same touchscreen systems, at 8.0 inches, and are powered by the Sync 3 software. The standard options are Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, voice commands, and touch-sensitive controls.

You can also expect to see hard buttons and a knob for changing the volume. There is the Bang & Olufsen system and a SiriusXM satellite radio for the optional fittings.


Warranty Coverage

The Ford Bronco Sport and Toyota RAV4 have similar warranty coverages, the only similarity between these crossover SUVs. The only difference between them is that Toyota covers complimentary maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles, which is pretty rare among its competitors.

They both have a limited warranty, which is three-year or 36,000-mile coverage. As for the powertrain warranty, they cover five years or 60,000 miles.


Both crossover SUVs are similar in terms of their prices and number of trims, which means it will be a bit difficult to make a decision based on price alone. The Bronco Sport features four trim lines, with a wide price range of $28,760 to $35,430. This is from the Base to Badlands, the latter being the most capable vehicle off-road in the series.

As for the RAV4, you have the LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, Limited, and TRD Off-Road to choose from. These six trims go for estimated prices between $28,000 and $38,000. The mid-range option is the XLE Premium, offering a good balance of upgraded equipment you won’t find in lower trims and an affordable price. It’s less expensive than the Badlands, and you don’t get much of a difference with the pricier trims.


If you’re looking out for long-lasting value with your crossover compact SUV, then the RAV4 is a practical choice. The handsome vehicle is a good choice for anyone who wants a diverse and flexible SUV, from the rugged style and fuel economy to the driver-assistance features. It is also pretty affordable.

On the other hand, the Bronco Sport follows closely in the trails of the Big Bronco, offering off-road capability and an extensive range of equipment to enhance your experience. It gives you an attractive and boxy style, high-quality interior, and fantastic ride quality on the road.

Both the RAV4 and Bronco Sport might be competitors, but they stand out in their ways. You can go for the former if you want practicality and fuel economy, or settle with the latter for fun adventures, especially if you’ll be visiting unpaved roads once in a while.

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