If you’re trying to choose between the Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender, you’re in for a hard decision and a long ride. The first takes its drivers down memory lane to the 1960s models, except its flashier, while the second is modern and won’t appeal to old-fashioned drivers.

Although the Ford Bronco is a magnificent model with many surprises for drivers, there’s no doubt that the Land Rover Defender is a formidable opponent. Thus, this guide is a contrast between the two vehicles.

Off-Road Ability

The main reason why anyone would want a Ford Bronco 2021 or Land Rover Defender 2020 is their amazing off-road features and the ability to take you through the hardest roads.
When considering off-road proficiency, the engine types are important. The Defender has a 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 standard engine and the Bronco’s is 2.3 liter.

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As for the available engine, the Defender seems to have a beefed-up engine in comparison to the Bronco, with the former at 3.0-liter Hybrid V6 and the latter at 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6, but a closer look will change your mind.

The 2021 Bronco has a deft and agile approach to rough driving, with departure and break-over angles that makes it better for off-roading. It also has a much better ground clearance.

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The Defender has a unibody construction and car enthusiasts will know that this is a weird choice, but the Bronco has locking differentials at the front and the back and top articulation and traction. Because of the Land Rover model’s construction, drivers will have trouble with the trail cred.

When it comes to carrying the heavy stuff, Ford has a way lower towing capacity than the competitor. You might think you have to reduce your load, but the Bronco makes up for this with its optional transfer case on the lower range and physical transmission. Its crawl ratio is also set at 94:8:1 while the challenger has a way lower ratio. From this, we can say that the Ford completely conquers the off-roading.

Interior Design and Gimmicks

The interior of these two off-roaders also matters for many drivers, as well as the special features and gimmicks that make the ride more amazing.

The Bronco has two types, two- and four-door, seating 4 and 5 people respectively. With a retro-inspired interior and different colors that you can choose from, its interior isn’t only comfortable but also has a great design. Not only this, but it’s reconfigurable, so you can customize the inside to fit your taste.

Inside of the Bronco

The interior is wide and open, unlike the crowded space of the Defender, and five or more GOAT options depending on the trim level you purchase. With its brilliant technology and thousands of trail maps, off-roaders can enjoy driving on trails more. You have a standard touchscreen with a 360-degree camera, off-roader spotter views, and integrates with the mobile app. You can also get a group of LCD digital instruments located at the back of the wheel.

As for the Land Rover, you can choose to have five, six, or seven seats in the car. The highlight of the car is that you can even choose to have a middle seat in the front area, although not everyone will want a crowded front seat area. You might wonder how you’ll use the rearview mirror with the middle seat blocking your view, but there’s a camera behind the car connected to the mirror, giving you a perfect view.

Defender’s interior

If you go for having three rows in your Defender, you will have an even crowded car. There won’t be a lot of space for movement and it’s only good if you have a lot of kids. The cargo area is spacious too, and there’s an optional tire inflator that you can have built into the car, but the cargo cover will leave you very frustrated. The interior also has brilliant safari windows that any driver will like and might have some downsides, especially with the crowded space, but it’s still worth the money. Although, we can’t say it’s worth more than what Bronco has to offer.

How Much Value for the Price?

The recommended retail price for the Bronco starts at $33,200 while the competitor starts at $49,900. Ford’s model is much cheaper than the challenger, although you have to put the packages you purchase in mind. Depending on what you choose – most drivers choose Sasquatch because of its rough driving capabilities, the car’s price increases.

Thus, we can say that the two cars have similar prices, but the Bronco is still usually cheaper, regardless of the package you purchase and trim level you go for. Even with its cheaper price, it still offers a lot of value for drivers.

Which Is Best?

The Defender is more of a luxurious car that is pretty good as an on-road vehicle. It offers a lot of features and benefits and will rock the roughest of terrains with you. If you’re looking for something more classic and technologically advanced that’ll be good for a family, it is a good choice.

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Ford’s model will be such a waste if it’s only used on-road. This amazing vehicle offers a better retro style that most drivers are looking out for lately, and it is way more capable off-road. It also has a wide range of gimmicks, features, customizations, and quirks that you can pick, giving you the perfect and well-rounded vehicle.


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