If you’ve been patiently looking forward to getting your new 2021 Bronco, you might have to wait a little longer for the 2022 model year instead. The Ford Bronco release has been having hiccups since day one, and it doesn’t seem like it would stop any time soon.

For one, the quality issues with the hardtop haven’t been solved, and it’s so bad that now, all the hardtops built until now would be replaced with the molded-in color plastic hardtops. So, if you’ve already gotten your Bronco with a hardtop, you’re going to get a replacement, and if you’re still waiting to get yours, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

The Broncos that have been built but not delivered would be in the company until their hardtops can be replaced, and so those that are scheduled to be built are also being delayed because Ford has to replace the tops on the already built Broncos before building more.

So, although Ford has found a solution to the hardtop problem, it’s causing the entire timeline to backtrack.

What’s the New Timeline?

Replacement tops would be going out in September, at least this is what Ford expects if there are no other delays. So, if you already scheduled a build slot, the Bronco should get updated and delivered from October.

And, if you reserved a Bronco but haven’t been assigned a build slot, the chances are that you’ll be getting a 2022 model instead, which would be produced this December. But this can also be a good thing because you can expect different updates like added colors and the manual Sasquatch combo.

Ford has also assured that those who reserved a Bronco before March 21, 2020, get MSRP protection, so the price of the Bronco won’t increase for these buyers, even if they end up with a 2023 model year. Reservation holders can also look out for over a thousand dollars in reward points to buy Bronco accessories.

Although it’s great that Ford is trying to make up for the delays, it’s simultaneously not assuring that you might end up waiting till 2022 or 2023 for a new car.

What About Soft Tops?

Keep in mind that only hardtop Broncos are affected by these delays, so those who ordered the soft-top versions are still on track. This is why changing your order to the soft top rather than the hardtop can help you in getting your car sooner.

If you want to try this out, you can ask your dealer how to change your order. If not, you can sit it out and wait for your 2021/2022 Ford Bronco with the hardtop.

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