GM sold Hummer (one of its eight brands) till around 2009 before the company declared bankruptcy. After a decade of the demise of this brand, there came a new creation of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV which brought in a novel and different image of electric vehicles to the minds of the US buyers, particularly for truck lovers. Undoubtedly,  with GMC Hummer EV, the public can get the full picture of how stunning electric cars could ever be. 

The Hummer EV is a peerless super-truck and the first of its kind in the entire world.  Part of the vision of the GMC brand is to achieve batteries that can last for 1M miles. The sophisticated battery platform of the Hummer EV is the fulfillment of this vision. As a dynamic super-truck, it is designed with a new Ultium battery-pack tech to generate about 350 driving miles that range between charges.

The Hummer EV is a high-performing and environmentally friendly vehicle that offers truck people an advanced riding experience. Considering innovation and convenience, this GMC brand features top-notch makeup ranging from the GMC Hummer EV interior to the electric engine.

Although the 2022 GMC Hummer EV 1st Edition reservations are full, those that are interested can still choose between 3 different levels of trim, including the  EV2,  EV2X, and  EV3X

GMC Hummer EV Interior 

To make sure that the inside of the vehicle is prevented from being damaged from rocks and dirt, the GMC Hummer EV interior is designed with seating materials that are suitable for all weather. And to bask in the pleasure of the fresh air, users can remove the modular Sky Panels and Infinity Roof. Users also have access to the infotainment options present on the color touchscreen ( 13.4-inch diagonal).

In addition,  it is made with a navigation feature ( a built-in driver-assistance tech that comes with an automated assist of highway lane-change ). Other things present include a rear-seat infotainment system,  wireless charging, and a powerful Bose stereo. You can check the internet to learn more about the outstanding GMC Hummer EV interior.

GMC Hummer EV Outdoors

As the interior of GMC Hummer EV is great, the outdoors is not in any way disappointing. It is a GMC brand version with three options for e4WD engines from which you can choose. Each of these options can offer horsepower between the range of 625  and 1000 and torque ratings between 7,400 lb.-ft. and 11,500 lb.-ft. 

With the attributed control and power, this electric super-truck becomes the best outdoor possession. Besides, it enables nice maneuvering with respect to pulling into parking spaces or rock crawling. The credit of the exceptional off-road and highway comfort can be related to the well-made independent front and rear suspension of the GMC Hummer EV.

What protects this brand from damage, particularly during off-road adventures, is the vehicle’s full underbody armor. Users are provided with the opportunity to rotate the rear wheels 10 degrees to go around cramped spaces and obstacles by using the new CrabWalk. For extra height, users can get what they want with the ‘Adaptive Air Ride Suspension”  by activating  ” Extract Mode”.

GMC Hummer EV Performance

Mark Reuss, GM President, says in February 2020 in a presentation that GMC Hummer EV will be the best electric pickup available on the market. Depending on the model, GM claims that the vehicle will be powered by one, two, or three electric motors. The expected actual maximum torque ratings should be between the range of 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet. The vehicle can also accelerate from zero to sixty mph in 3.5 seconds ( this may sound too quick for a heavy and big machine!). According to GM,  this truck will offer  “incredible on- and off-road capability.”

GMC Hummer EV Battery Pack

The new Ultium battery technology made by GM makes the Hummer EV more eco-friendly.  GM claims that the vehicle will come with a great battery park that may be around 200.0-kWh of energy even though it is still uncertain what the official size or capacity will be. The battery energy helps offer a 750 KW or 1,000 hp to the 3 motors that power the wheels. 

Final Note

GMC Hummer EV is a world changer and everyone will love to have one when it eventually comes out and is made available for all. Its spec and features obviously show how outstanding it is among the world-class vehicles. Frankly, it is worth the cost!

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