The 2022 Toyota land cruiser 300 model is the latest and ultimate off-road SUV released by the famous Toyota company to join its legendary Land Cruiser line-up. This vehicle is made to captivate the imagination of the world. It comes with exceptional interior and exterior design, unparalleled security features, and sheer driving pleasure.

In this article,  we will be unveiling why this fantastic car is not sold in the United States. Keep reading this article to know what those in the US are missing.


The land cruiser (LC) is one of the numerous cars that has been sold in the United States for years. But the latest model (the 2022 Toyota land cruiser 300) is the very best car not sold in the US in spite of its greatness.

The land cruiser has been produced in different forms since the 50s and has remained an off-roader with high capacities. Over the years, it has been made more luxurious without any compromise on its impressive off-road capabilities.

The 2022 Toyota land cruiser 300 is designed with gas or diesel engines characterized by over 400 horsepower. It’s also modernized compared to previous models as far as its interior and exterior are concerned.

Features of the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser

We know you can’t wait to hear about what makes the 2022 Toyota land cruiser 300 great. Below are the interesting quirks and features of this latest model.

Cloth Seats

The seats of LC 300 are designed with a cloth. Actually, It has been two decades since there has been a cloth seat land cruiser in the US. Also, the seats are manually operated, which is different from most LCs in the United States.

Infotainment System

The infotainment screen is actually not a screen. Although it may appear as a screen, it doesn’t have a screen but looks like an “old school black and white faceplate radio” with buttons around it, which would be part of a touch screen if it was an actual screen. This shows how basic the vehicle is.

Center Control

The center control stack has been redesigned for the latest model. It features a more modern appearance, looking fresher and more updated compared to the outgoing model. The control system is functional and straightforward. For instance, the climate controls are very easy to use and straightforward and designed to be durable.

Center Console

The center console lies between the front seats. Its unique trick is that it can open either way. There is a little button on the driver’s side. By pressing the button, the console will open. This makes it easily accessible to the driver. There is another button on the passenger’s side that will open it again if pressed (for easy access by the passenger). The center console is also accessible from the back by the rear passenger.

Gauge Cluster

The gauge cluster is behind the steering wheel. It’s very simple and straightforward. There is a full and small color screen in the middle of the gauge cluster, which actually is not providing much information apart from the general vehicle information such as tire pressure, empty fuel range, etc.

Back Seat

There are a few notable quirks and features of the back seat. One of these is roominess. Even if the front seat is pushed far back, there will still be enough space for the comfort of your knees.

The rear seat climate control is only air-conditioning. It features only a cooler (a cool option), with no opportunity to choose between cold or heat air.

Third Row Access

Although getting into the third row may be a little bit inconvenient in the new model (unlike the crossovers and family SUVs where you only get to push a button to gain access) because you need to reach in for the latch, grab it, and fold the entire second row down and forward up against the front seat to get into the third row,  users get climate vents back there. It features a great ceiling, making getting air into the third row for rear passengers.

There are cup holders in the third row, which are for the benefit of the rear passengers.

For the cargo area, the third row takes up virtually all of the cargo space. Fortunately, users can fold the third row out of place in a very easy way (pulling on the strap to drop the headrest and then pulling on the latch to push the seat down to get it folded flat).


The latest Toyota land cruiser features a new twin-turbo V6. This is the top-line engine in the vehicle which replaces the ongoing V8. The twin-turbo V6 makes 410 HP and 480 lb-ft of torque, unlike the engine in the Toyota Tundra with 310 HP. These figures are greater than the outgoing V8. This, therefore, implies that this new model has more power than the V8. Also, users should expect better fuel economy as well. So, the new model has more power, more torque, and better gas mileage.

Compared to the outgoing models, the new Toyota Land Cruiser is stronger, about 450 pounds lighter. Therefore, its distinctive features include more power and less weight (less bulky and brawny on the road).


The 2022 Toyota land cruiser 300 is an excellent vehicle with an impressive powertrain and accelerates quickly. There are many things to like about this new land cruiser which could mean that those living in the United States are actually missing out quite as much. These include the improved driving experience, new powertrain, better fuel economy, and lighter weight.

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