Have you ever seen a hot dog car? It must have been exciting, and you must have felt like it was designed by a child or someone who loves kids. Kids love the hot dog cars. If you have ever been around kids when a hot dog car drove past, you will see the excitement on their faces. It wouldn’t be a lie if we said the hot dog car fascinates everyone, both young and old. Even now, you would want to know all about the big hot dog car that tours America on wheels. This article discusses everything you need to know about the hot dog car, including its history, prices, and other information that makes it exciting.

Brief history and description of the hot dog car

The hot dog car is like an iconic symbol in the lives of every American since it was first created by Carl G. Meyer in 1936 during the great depression to advertise Oscar Mayer products. The car is in the shape of large hot dogs on a bun and is also called Oscar Mayer Wienermobile or just Wienermobile.

The interiors of Wienermobiles were also designed like hotdogs. The dashboards and keys are shaped like hot dogs, the seats and floors look like hot dogs covered in swirls of mustards and ketchup, and the horn plays Wienermobile Jingles in rap, Cajun, and other genres whenever it is pressed.

The roof of the interiors of Wienermobiles is in the shape of a bun. It is painted blue and white in the form of clouds to reference the Wienermobile Jingle that says, “always blue skies in the Wienermobile.” That is why most people feel like they just walked into a giant hot dog whenever they walk into the Wienermobile.

Wienermobiles first started touring parade grounds, grocery stores, hospitals, and schools in Chicago before the company expanded beyond Chicago and toured the whole of America. Apart from creating excitement in the hearts of Americans, the Wienermobile also created employment opportunities.

Soon after the car became popular, the drivers of Wienermobiles became known as “Hotdoggers.” To further their cause, Wienermobiles started showing up at children’s events like birthdays and Mitzvahs. In these ceremonies, hot doggers would distribute whistles and toys in the shapes of hotdogs to the guests.

How many Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles are there?

Since the creation of the first Wienermobile in 1936, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles have been upgraded from a simple 13foot hot dog-shaped car to a 27-foot long and 11-foot-high fully functional hot dog car. It was just one Wienermobile on the streets of America at the beginning. Now, there are half a dozen full-size Wienermobiles, Wienermini (a Mini plus Wiener), Wienerover (a 4 x 4 R/C plus Wiener), Wienerdrone (a flying drone plus Wiener), and Wienercycle (a scooter plus Wiener).

How much is the Wienermobile?

There are no cheap automobiles, but the Wienermobile is quite affordable. Before now, Wienermobiles were sold for $7000, but with rises in inflation and cost of production, the prices have increased to $12,000 or even higher depending on the vendor and type of Wienermobile.

While Wienermobiles used to be up for sale in automobile shops, they were recently withdrawn from the market. Now, you will have to hire a Wienermobile or wait for the cars to tour your city before you can see a Wienermobile.

What kind of vehicle is the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? 

The first set of Wienermobiles, built-in 1963, was built on a Chevrolet motor home chassis. The cars also had taillights designed by Ford Thunderbird. In 1988, half a dozen Wienermobiles were made by Brooks Steven, a well-known automobile industrial designer. Brooks Steven’s model was built on a converted Chevrolet van chassis.

In 1995, a new version that would later be the final version was created by another well-known industrial designer called Sheldon Theis. His version was like an upgrade on Steven’s version, longer and higher with large windows that could be closed and opened.

A few years later, in 2004, the 1995 version of Wienermobile was upgraded. The upgrades include a voice-activated GPS location system, a horn that plays all the Wiener jingles in different genres, a wireless microphone, an audio center, and a fourth-generation Pontiac firebirds taillights.

How much horsepower does the Wienermobile have?

The Wienermobile is sitting on a pretty powerful engine. Although Wienermobiles used only V6 engines initially, it has since evolved and become better. The creators of the Wienermobile placed the slightly galvanized fiberglass on a Vortec V8, 6.0L, converted GM Chevrolet four-speed/W4 series chassis, and a 300 hp engine.

How many MPG does the Wienermobile get?

The Wienermobiles are not as fast as other automobiles, you know. The maximum engine speed that the Wienermobile gets is less than 180, and it can only travel at full speed of 110 miles per hour. Most people bought the Wienermobiles to decorate their garages and amuse their children, not traveling long distances.

Can you sleep in a Wienermobile?

The simple answer to “can you sleep in a Wienermobile?” is yes! In 2019, Airbnb announced the availability of the Wienermobile on its platform with limited time listing. The Wienermobile offers an air-conditioned space, microwaves, refrigerators, cushions, and hotdogs. You can hire one from the Wienermobile website to spend some time away from home with your friends and family.

After reading this article, the next time you see a Weinermobile, smile because you understand its history or sing a Wienermobile jingle.

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