If you have bought a truck or an SUV it means that at some point you will go off-roading. After all, this is what these vehicles are for, right? Say, during the week you drive to work, you take your kids to and from school, you go grocery shopping. But at the weekend you want to really go in the wild to relax and this is when you realize you need good off-roading wheels. So, where do you start?


Going off-roading is the case when size matters. At least when it comes to choosing the rims. The bigger the wheels the better they are for off-roading situations. You would need to lift your suspension for an inch or two to make space for bigger wheels. Of course, wider wheels mean they will be heavier and you need to take it into consideration. The most common sizes are 17*9 and 20*9 but you can get wider wheels too. Just make sure there is enough clearance. If they are heavy this will affect your engine performance, so remember that. At the same time, when you go off-roading, it is not about speed. The general recommendation is to have the wheel diameter smaller and the tire diameter bigger. But for pulling heavier loads bigger wheel will work better.


If you need strong wheels that will no be heavy, go for tough alloy. Even though steel is very tough it is also heavy so it is better to avoid this material. However, steel wheels are tougher and if you come against some object on the road the aluminum wheels might crack whereas steel wheels will just bend. They are also easier to repair straight on the road if you have some tools available. But you should also consider the problem of rusting which might happen to steel wheels. And if you want your wheels to weigh even less you should go for forged aluminum that weighs less than cast. If you need wheels for everyday driving then cast off-road wheels might be better. Their advantage is a lower price, however, they are also functional and stylish. Forged wheels have a variety of diameters and widths, and you can paint them to match your vehicle’s theme which is pretty cool. Forged aluminum is the most expensive wheel option but they combine the strength, lightness, and load-carrying capabilities.


Not only the width and the diameter of the wheel but also the space between the inside edge of the wheel and the mounting face is important. For off-roading, it is better to make backspace smaller so the wheel would move away from the wheel well.


Of course, you want your off-roading wheels to match the overall style of your vehicle. The car needs to drive well and look good as well. There is a variety of wheels but when you choose who to buy them from, make sure the company offers a wheel builder so you can try different styles and then make a decision about buying them.


There are different finishes which have their advantages and disadvantages. They can be powder-coated, painted, chromed, or polished. Generally, powder-coated wheels need less maintenance and will hold up longer.

Valve Stems

Valve stem placement is important, if they are far out on the wheel you can catch them on an obstacle when off-roading. So, look for a wheel where the valve stem is protected not to get damaged on any terrain. There are even wheels that have dual valve stems which is pretty cool.

Who You Buy From

Finally, the company that sells the wheels is important. You should definitely avoid buying the wheels online even if you know all the characteristics that you need and want. Secondly, don’t buy wheels from unknown companies that have not reputation. When you buy from a well-known brand you will have a warranty and good customer support as opposed to unknown sellers on the Internet. The wheel must be approved by the standards of the country you will be driving in. And don’t go for the too low price — the wheel might be a fake copy which will involve more problems afterward.

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