Before we get into how you can get rid of the weed smell from your car, this disclaimer must be given. While the title of this article might indicate that you must have smoked in your car for it to have a weed smell, this article in no way endorses driving under the influence of weed. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get to the real reason we are here.

Have you ever been pulled over by the authorities because your car stunk of weed? It is not that you smoked, but maybe you just purchased some and left them lying around on your car seats or other parts. Sometimes, no matter how you explain yourself, the authorities will always conclude that you might have just smoked.

Weed has an earthy, herbal, and wooden smell that can be easily absorbed by your clothes and other car materials around you. It is almost inevitable for your car not to smell like a weed as a weed smoker. Hence you must brace yourself with skills on how to get rid of the weed smell in your car.

In this article, you will learn all the tricks you need to know to get rid of the weed smell at any time of the day and always keep your car smelling fresh.

Use of other pungent smells to mask weed smell

The best way to get rid of a faint weed smell in your car is to mask it with an even more intense aroma. Masking of weed smell works well, especially in cases of emergency. More often than not, the scent of some perfumes and colognes is nothing compared to a faint smell of weed, which makes masking impossible. The best strategy is to buy a take-out with a more pungent smell to mask the smell of weed. You might want to buy a take-out that contains seafood like the Shrimp pad thai. When anybody gets a whiff of the scent in your car, they would smell the take-out and weed.

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Use Odor absorbers

There are several options for odor absorbers to pick from. Typical examples of odor absorbers that you can find around your house include baking soda, activated charcoal, cedarwood, and coffee beans. These odor absorbers, like their name, imply act by eliminating the smell of weed by absorbing it into their pores exterior.

All you have to do is place them in strategic areas of your car like the crevice of your car seats, the upholstery, and the carpets on the floor. If the weed smell is strong and overwhelming, you will need to use the odor absorbers overnight to eliminate the smell.

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Use of air fresheners

Usually, air fresheners are the first line of action for lingering odor in cars and homes. While air fresheners might be a good idea, most of them cannot eliminate the weed smell from your vehicle. More often than not, air fresheners only mask the odor. If you want to eliminate the smell, you should purchase a car diffuser with essential oils or car air purifiers. Car diffusers and air purifiers are better eliminators of smell than the usual air fresheners; however, in emergencies, air fresheners will come in handy.

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Use of ozium and febreze

Ozium and febreze usually come in spray cans. While ozium has a more pungent chemical smell and will eliminate the smell of weed in your car in less than 10 minutes, Febreze has a milder smell and will have to circulate for a longer time before it can be effective.

After spraying ozium or febreze in your car, roll up the windows, turn on the AC, and allow it to circulate to completely eliminate the smell.

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Use of Lysol

Lysol is mainly known as a disinfectant spray, but it can also be used to eliminate the smell of weed in your car. Lysol is a cheaper alternative to all the other options, and it will serve two purposes eliminating your vehicle of the weed smell and purifying the air of bacteria.

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Use of incense sticks

Not everyone likes the smell of incense sticks. Some find it repulsing or even nauseating, while others can condone the scent. The scent of incense sticks will eliminate the smell of weed from your car, but after eliminating the odor, it would take a very long time for the smell of the incense to altogether leave your vehicle.

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Use canabolish sprays

Canabolish sprays are usually made up of plant oils and a myriad of natural ingredients. It was formulated to eliminate the odor from weed smoking. The aroma of the canabolish spray is as earthy as weed smell, but it is milder and can completely eliminate the smell of weed. You can purchase cannabolish sprays from the convenient stores around. Canabolish sprays are the most effective type of spray to eliminate the smell of weed in your car.

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After reading this article, getting rid of the weed smell in your car will become very easy. All you have to do is pick a method that works best for you. Always remember to clear out the air filter of your car. Contaminants and dust capable of absorbing odor are usually stored there. Hence, routinely clean it and put it back in place.

Again, it’s vital that the dangers of being under the influence while driving is dangerous to both you, your passengers, and other road users. Hence, try always to be a responsible and law-abiding adult as much as possible.

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