The brand BMW is iconic, no need to say. And its X5 series have appreciators all over the world. Yet, almost every auto fan has a logical question is BMW X5 a good car? Let’s get through the reliability of the BMW X5 in our blog.

Experts’ Opinion

The BMW X5 is a 5-door premium mid-size crossover that has been in the TOP of the best-selling representatives of its segment for many years in a row. The letter “X” in the name means the presence of all-wheel drive, and the number 5 indicates that the model is based on the 5th series (BMW E39). Well, is it already proof of BMW X5 reliability? Often, it is the first crossover in this class that was called by pros a real must-have.


As for official POV, Consumer’s Report issue established the level of BMW X5 reliability only of 20% no more. Yet for different models in the series, the rate could vary.

The first reason to test BMW SUV reliability is it’s claimed higher than ever increased off-road capabilities in comparison with analogs. But first of all, the car is intended for driving on casual city roads and highways and it is not a full-fledged offroad 4×4 auto. Like any good crossover, it feels confident on light off-road but it won’t cope with complex road conditions. The X5 can be ridden in the snow in winter, out into the countryside, and on country roads if they are in a good state, of course. So we can call this feature one more reason to prove BMW X5 reliability.

The next thing that should be considered is its driving features that also can answer the question are BMW X5 reliable cars? Due to predominantly automated transmission, driving this auto is easy and comfortable. Thanks to the xDrive all-wheel-drive system, the driver is always in control of the situation. The car accelerates smoothly and at the same time rapidly so you practically do not feel an increase in speed. Since 2019, the car has Launch, which allows you to activate the gas from two pedals at once if the gearbox is switched to Sport mode and ESP is disabled. Also, the 2019 model year G05 has air suspension, with a ride height adjustment function. The blows can be felt only on very large pits and asphalt joints. An optional Active Steering system is available – you decide whether to use it or not. So we can call it proves BMW X5M reliability along with other models of that series.

To make sure the answer to the question “are BMW X5 reliable?” is positive, let’s also get through the reports of BMW owners who have already tested the car themselves.

The Reliability of BMW X5 According to BMW X5 Consumers Reviews

Answering the question is the BMW X5 is reliable, consumers highlighted several of its most common drawbacks. According to numerous reviews, these are rack and pinion steering system that often allows losing steering control, starter assembly and the camera of the sensing system.


Of the shortcomings of this car, motorists call also BMW X5 repair costs, which are quite expensive. At the same time, models no older than 2017 are the cheapest in service. But due to the availability of auto parts, BMW X5 repairs can be obtained quickly and without any problems at any service station. And even the used BMW X5 reliability could be high if you provide it with regular maintenance.

The main BMW X5 problems also concern door handles, some engine elements with significant mileage, an electrician, and brake pads broken. It is to them all the BMW X5 complaints are dedicated. Yet with regular maintenance, these shortcomings are quickly corrected.

So if you are asked, are BMW X5 good cars, you can safely answer «Yes» to this question but do not think its reliability is absolute.

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