The sixth-generation Subaru Outback station wagon was presented at the New York Auto Show. The model is based on the new modular SGP platform with improved torsional rigidity and front suspension. Also, the new design absorbs up to 40% more energy in frontal and side collisions, which makes the car safer for passengers in the event of an accident.

Since 1994, Outback has always been different. The concept of «crossover» did not exist then, but there was great interest in spacious cars for outdoor activities. Today, it is one of the most popular Subaru models, despite the rather high cost.

The differences of the 2021 cars for the American market are small: the headlights can deflect at a certain angle along with the steering wheel. The technology is not new, but the Outback has improved it. A system has appeared that warns of the need to check if something or someone is forgotten in the rear seats.

All configurations, except for the basic one, have a huge 11.6-inch vertical screen. Most of the functions have touch control. The system is not very friendly with Apple Carplay, especially in terms of changing the simplest settings, such as volume. In addition, the screen is large and bright, sometimes it is inconvenient, especially the animation.

In the new generation, the Outback got rid of the 6-cylinder engine. Now, the base for the Outback is a 2.5-liter Boxer with 182 hp. and a torque of 239 Nm. In terms of power, it is inferior to most comparable crossovers, but in terms of efficiency, it wins, even taking into account the fact that all-wheel drive is standard. Consumption is 9.0 l / 100 km in the city and 7.1 l / 100 km on the highway. In the higher trim levels Limited and Touring, you can get a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine. Such Outbacks have an XT index. The power is 260 hp, the torque is 375 Nm.

The 2021 Outback can be a little disappointing by the fact that the basic version does not have much that is present in a car of a lower class and is significantly cheaper. Heated front seats are only in the Premium model but not in the Base. The two-tone interior is in the Limited version, and the soft yet hard-wearing StarTex water-repellent vinyl is only available on the Onyx Edition. This version is the most affordable one that has a turbo engine. You will get it in the Limited XT and Touring XT but not in the Premium.

The new models have the elements of the aggressive style of American all-terrain vehicles. In this version, these are drop-shaped blocks of front LED optics combined with running lights and direction indicators, a hexagonal configuration of the chrome-plated radiator grille, high ribbed sidewalls of the engine compartment cover. In the basic configuration, there is a compact grille of the lower air intake and round fog lamps recessed into a plastic-metal body kit.

The 2021 Subaru has several elements of decorative bodywork. The new body has decorative roof rails and a minimum slope of the domed roof. There are stylish mirrors and compact door handles. There is a clear contrast between the silver frame and dark plastic pillars of the three-section side glazing.

The rear of the Outback station wagon is more stylishly decorated. There are interesting graphics and the configuration of the lights, the slope of the rear window and the vertical plane of the tailgate, which is traditional for the crossover layout, the LED lighting, and massive pillars of the aerodynamic spoiler visor. Chrome plating of the corporate logo and nameplates, as well as the stepped reliefs of the rear fenders, perform the decorative functions.

Because the Outback is an off-road vehicle it has high ground clearance, short body kits, and 17-inch alloy wheels.

The seats upholstered in eco or natural leather provide long-distance travel comfort thanks to advanced lateral support, operational settings, and a three-stage heating circuit. The roomy back couch can accommodate three passengers. If you transform the standard 527-liter boot you will increase the capacity to 1,800 liters.

According to European standards, the Subaru Outback 2021 SUV with dimensions of 4820×1840 and 1675 mm belongs to the D-class vehicles. The advantages of the model: running stabilizers and road safety systems, independent suspension of both axles, the all-wheel-drive platform from Subaru Legacy. The all-wheel-drive of the SI-Drive series is equipped with an MP-T multi-plate clutch.

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