The 2022 Hyundai Tucson is a compact crossover with a hybrid powertrain that provides up to 226 horsepower and a torque of 258 lb-ft. It is anything than the usual crossovers you come across. One reason is that it has style.

This SUV is spacious, has impressive safety features and technology, and is also an incredible sight to behold. With its built-in LED lights, wing-shaped grille, and outstanding ratings, one cannot go wrong with this vehicle. It has a starting price of $29,050.

Overview of the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid

A hybrid four-cylinder produces the amount of horsepower and torque written above. The vehicle features an impressive fuel economy rate of 37 miles per gallon for the city and highway.

The one thing that distinguishes Tucson from its peers is its looks. The Toyota RAV4, the Ford Escape, and other kinds look precisely the same, but the Tucson has sharp edges and a daring look that you would not usually find on a crossover.

How the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid Stands Out

Below are some exciting features to look out for in the 2022 Tucson.

Exterior Design

Everything about the 2022 Tucson screams bold and distinctive, making it completely different from most compact crossovers. Most of the exterior design makes the vehicle look extra expensive.

Most crossover doors are usually flat, but the 2022 Tucson is a little bent in the middle with sharp edges around it. A silver panel starts from the front windows to the end of the car, where it becomes more prominent with exaggerated lines.

The wing-shaped grill is more significant than most crossovers and pretty bold with an expensive-looking design. LEDs are arranged in a V pattern that comes on when the car is running.

The wheels are impressively styled with different lines and shapes, making them look costlier than they are. A light bar goes across the rear, with lights coming down vertically from the light bar.

The Hyundai logo can be found at the bottom of the rear window where the wipers usually are. You are probably wondering where the rear wiper is; well, it is on the top of the rear window. When activated, it comes down to wipe the back window.

Interior Design

The exceptionally long climate vent is an attractive-looking design on the passenger’s side of the dashboard. This line is also repeated on the door panel, making it look like it is enjoined. The other side of the line connects to the center console, connecting to the driver’s side.

The gear selector is different than most. Instead of the usual gear, this has buttons with the gear options. You click a button to go into drive mode or park mode etc. This is an excellent and exciting feature that many would probably look forward to trying out.

The gauge cluster screen is also an incredible feature. A small camera displays on the side of your gauge cluster screen. A blind-spot camera, high resolution, is activated when you turn on your turn signals showing the side you are signaling in your blind spot.

The volume can be increased or decreased by tapping the center screen’s buttons, and there is no knob twisting for that in the Tucson. This might be a disadvantage for most people.

Unlike the usual hard buttons, the climate controls are below the center screen and touch controls. This can be very strenuous as it will take a while before getting familiar with the buttons on the net.

The Backseat

The backseat is spacious (enough knee room, headroom, and legroom) and can accommodate both adults and children, even the highly tall ones. It is a perfect decision for a family car. There is enough room to convey the family from one location to another.

Apart from how spacious it is in the back, the back seat passengers also have access to two climate control vents and two different USB ports below. Rear seat passengers have access to heated seats. This can be activated by pressing a little button at the side of the back seat doors.

Passengers in the front seats also have access to heated seats, and the driver has access to a heated steering wheel. The seats are made of leather upholstery.

Cargo Area

The cargo area is also extremely spacious, just like the backseat. You do not need to put the seats down to accommodate your items. If you ever want to put the seats down, there are latches on the side of the cargo area that you can pull, and the seats fall immediately.

When the seats are up, the cargo area gives the passengers 38.8 cubic feet of space and 74.5 cubic feet of space down. It is easy to put in and remove items from the cargo area because of the low lift-over height and sizeable rear opening.

Surprisingly, compact crossovers give users access to more space for cargo and passengers. The cargo area will undoubtedly accommodate most of your items.

The Hood

Of course, what you will see under the hood of the Tucson Hybrid is the hybrid four-cylinder. Due to the amount of horsepower it produces, the Tucson Hybrid has a little more power than its rivals, but its fuel economy is lower.

The Tucson is not exactly the best when it comes to engine power and performance, it is not even faster than its rivals, but its central attraction point is its looks.

Final Verdict

Maybe the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid may not be as powerful or fun to drive as its rivals, but it sure is a customer favorite. Its availability of space is also an added advantage. Drivers can start the car with their smartphone due to Hyundai’s digital key.

The Tucson provides safety features such as forward-collision avoidance (cyclist and pedestrian detection), automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, safe exit warning, collision-avoidance assist, rear occupant alert, driver attention warning etc. You definitely cannot go wrong with this one.


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