For many years the Range Rover has been a pacesetter in the world of SUVs, consistently changing the definition and expectations of what a luxury SUV should be since its inception in 1970.

Even though only four generations of the Range Rover SUV have been made; with the most recent 2022 model being the fifth installment, each generation possesses signature attributes that set the Range Rover above most SUV products.

The 2022 Range Rover has elements of a classic Range Rover but with advanced features and a modern design that makes it suitable for all purposes and occasions. The fifth-generation Range Rover has been made with simplicity as one of its key features.

This article hopes to affirm the position of the 2022 Range Rover SUV as an amazing Ultra SUV, by highlighting the features that set it apart from other SUV products.

Overview of the 2022 Range Rover SUV

The  2022 Range Rover is a perfect blend of luxury, classy features, and aesthetic quality. Suitable for all occasions, from fun picnic rides to black-tie events. It comes with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, and a terrain control system perfect for off-roading capacity.

Currently being sold for $100,000, the Range Rover 2022 is a reliable choice.

Features of the 2022 Range Rover SUV

1.   Infotainment System

The 2022 Range Rover SUV comes with an Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity which has been paired up with a state-of-the-art Meridian Sound system that is famed for offering an unrivaled surround sound experience. Vehicle–related settings such as the vehicle stability control and dynamic drive modes, are all accessible through the screen.

The screen comes with a haptic touch which gives highly responsive feedback that comes in handy while driving. Also present is a 13.7-inch digital display that shows the engine, navigation, and vehicle status which can be controlled by buttons, positions on the steering wheel.

Another feature that sets apart the infotainment system is its head-up display. The head-up display is an augmented reality projection on the windshield. It is situated at the driver’s side and it displays multiple information such as the gear position and the vehicle’s speed to ensure full focus is on the roads. At the rear-executive seating area, two independent media displays can be connected through HDMI to external media devices.

2. Majestic Power

One of the key features that set apart the Range Rover is its majestic power on the roads. Packed with a two-option V8 engine and inline-6 mild hybrids drivetrains. Its 4.4-liter turbocharged twin V8 engines work with 553lb-ft of torque, 523HP, capable of reaching up to 0-60mph within 4 seconds. Also present is a 38.2kWh li-ion battery

3. Climate Control System

The 2022 Range Rover SUV also has a four-zone climate control system that allows each passenger to pick and choose its climate and temperature. The Rear Passenger area also comes with two lighting options to select from-natural warm lights or white bright lights.

While the natural warm lights give a cozy and more relaxed ambiance, the bright white lights enable the driver and passenger to focus.

 4. Off-roading Abilities

Land Rover products are known for the luxurious cars they produce but having and additional attribute of being suitable for off-road situations makes the 2022 Range Rover SUV, a reliable all-rounder. The inclusion of the Terrain Response System helps to facilitate a comfortable and smooth drive on a wide range of difficult terrains.

The Terrain Response System works in a way that adapts the power of the engine and responds from gearbox differentials to a wide variety of driving conditions such as muddy areas and slippery terrains. It has seven drive modes on offer for the Driver to select from, which include Dynamic, Eco, Comfort, Grass/Snow/Gravel, Mud, Sand, and Rock Crawl.

It adapts the engine’s power and response from the gearbox differentials to the different driving conditions, especially challenging surfaces like slippery terrains and mud. It offers seven drive modes to choose from: Eco, Dynamic, Comfort, Grass/Snow/Gravel, Mud, Rock Crawl, and Sand.

Another feature that further affirms the road dominance of the 2022 Range Rover SUV is the All-terrain Progress Control which allows the driver to fix and maintain a steady speed while driving on snow, dirt roads, or other difficult conditions.

To help the driver focus on the harsh terrain the system is designed to function between 1 and 18 mph. Additionally, the ground clearance of the SUV is adjusted by the electronic air suspension, keeping all four wheels firmly on the ground on uneven surfaces to enhance the driving experience

5. Handling

The 2022 Range Rover SUV also comes with advanced systems such as the active rear locking differential, adaptive dynamics, dynamic response that keeps the driver in control. This enhances the handling of the vehicle uniquely.

Monitoring all the movement of the vehicle up to 500 times in a second is the adaptive dynamic system. It reacts immediately to all the inputs of the driver to safely navigate the terrain. The system is also able to sense obstacles, uneven surfaces, or gravel.

On the other hand, the dynamic response system makes use of the hydraulic roll control to further improve the handling of the vehicle and provide less body roll at sharp corners and more agility. The dynamic response system independently controls the front and rear axles to provide greater steering precision and high-speed stability.

6. Seats and Interior Set-up

Between the driver’s seat and that of the co-passenger in the center console which is made up of unfinished wood with metal inputs that look classy all together

The steering wheel is wrapped in leather with a color combination that blends beautifully with the rest of the interior elements. The headrests also come with inbuilt speakers which help in cutting down the ambient noise inside the car, ensuring a smooth seamless drive. At the rear side, you get comfy executive class seats with an automatic folding center armrest that helps split the row into two sections

Also on offer are 25 special massaging programs for relaxing including a pulse and rolling mode

7. Safety

The 2022 Range Rover comes with several packages that ensure your safety and comfort. Boasting of a wide range of driver assistance systems that helps in avoiding collisions and several other emergency safety measures, blind-spot assistance, a 3D surround camera, a lane-keep Assist, with a standard steering assistant module, the 2022 Range Rover, truly is amazing.

The dynamic stability control system also ensures maximum stability of the vehicle by reducing engine torque, and promptly applying brakes to the concerned wheels, to handle or reduce the possibility of losing control of the vehicle.


In many ways, the 2022 Range Rover provides an amazing driving experience for you and your family. For all, it has to offer it comes at an affordable price that makes it a bargain in the real sense.

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