The 202 Suzuki Jimny is an affordable little off-roader that every American needs. It is capable of small adventures and is definitely worth the price. This off-roading vehicle range from $24,700 to $29,400, which is pretty cheap compared to most cars. This is a substantial reason to purchase this vehicle.

This four-wheel-drive vehicle is powered by an inline 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, a bigger option used to replace the 1.3-liter engine used in the previous model. Lastly, it is paired with an all-wheel-drive system. It produces up to 100 horsepower and 130 Nm of torque.

This vehicle is available in two trims; the Suzuki Jimny Standard ($24,500) and the Suzuki Jimny Full ($26,400). The former is paired with a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. This article outlines all you need to know about the 2022 Suzuki Jimny; keep scrolling to find out more.

Overview of the 2022 Suzuki Jimny

The 2022 Suzuki Jimny is the most fantastic little off-roading vehicle globally; sales have been very successful in different places such as Europe, Asia, and everywhere except in America because it is not sold here. Everyone loves the 2022 Jimny because of its affordability, capability, and design.

When this vehicle came out about ten months ago, Suzuki sold out a limited run of one thousand units a few minutes later. Unfortunately, it is not sold in the United States as Suzuki has pulled out from the US market since 2013.

Suzuki has been selling the Jimny since the 1970s, but the latest model has to be the most incredible one so far, which is why it has been a massive success worldwide. This vehicle is nine grand cheaper than a base Jeep Wrangler.

Features of the 2022 Suzuki Jimny

The Key

The simplicity of this vehicle is first shown in the key, which is the standard traditional metal key. This key has no luxurious additions; it has only two buttons – the lock and unlock button, giving you all the simplicity you need.

The Doors

The doors of the 2022 Suzuki Jimny also scream simplicity. When you open the doors, you see a fragile door panel which makes the door easy to open and very lightweight. The door does not have many features, including the latest in-crash safety protection, but it gives you everything you need.

Interior Design

The gear lever in the 2022 Suzuki Jimny is an old-school traditional lever that screams simplicity. It is a plastic gear lever that sticks up and has a button that you will press to move it into gear. It is not a luxurious design, just straightforward.

There is a lever below the gear lever to put the car into the four-wheel drive, also traditionally designed. There is no dial to twist or a button like in modern off-roading vehicles. Instead, you get a lever that has to be moved with force. Another lever is situated in the center, and it serves as your parking brake. It is not the usual electronic brake but a lever that needs to be pulled up to put it on.

The buttons for the power windows are located in the center console stack. The left button is for the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. You can also find two blank switches beside the parking brake, undoubtedly for power windows. So, Suzuki must have taken the power window switches on the center console stack from another vehicle.

Another example of simplicity is seen in the visor mirrors. This car does not have lighted visor mirrors like most cars do. There are some pretty lovely touches in the car, such as the side airbags on the seat and automatic climate control with an automatic setting which is rather luxurious for a simple car.

The steering wheel has many excellent features, such as Bluetooth controls, audio controls that you can use to change the volume and mute a track, and cruise controls.

Most of the materials used to design the interior of the 2022 Suzuki Jimny are made using cheap fabric and plastic, which is the point as it is not a luxurious and expensive car. There is a cool quirk on the ceiling: a plaque that says Jimny Suzuki and the number of the vehicle allocated to Mexico.

Two thousand Jimnys were released in Mexico, one thousand for each batch; the second batch got sold out in seven minutes online. So, if you got the 1,996th car, it will say Jimny Suzuki and 1996 on the plaque.

The Infotainment System and Gauge Cluster

The infotainment system in this vehicle is simple as we expect it to be since this car is all about simplicity. You have four quadrants on the home screen; the phone parts on the right side and the media-related part on the left side. There is no navigation in the system and no fantastic settings.

It is a basic infotainment system. The only ‘cool’ thing about this system is the volume controls. You control the volumes through a slider on the side of the screen; there is no traditional volume knob to change the volume.

There is no screen on the gauge cluster, which is somewhat expected as most cars have no full-color screen on their gauge cluster. In the 2022 Suzuki Jimny, you get traditionally designed gauges hidden behind square-like gauge cluster pinnacles to improve the car’s interior design.

The Seats

There is a drawback in the 2022 Jimny, and it is effectively a two-seater vehicle; the backseats are very tiny and uncomfortable. There is little to no space, so it is no surprise if they are not used. The car itself is small, so the back seat is tiny. It is about 140 inches long and four and a half feet shorter than a BMW 3 Series Sedan.

You have no cool features in the back; it is a plain backseat. There is no access to powered seats; it is all manual which is understandable since this vehicle starts from $20,000. You have to lift a bar to move them backward and forwards, and there is a lever for the backrest, which is similar to old-school vehicles.

Cargo Area

The tailgate in the Jimny is not hinged at the top. Instead, it swings open from the side, typical for cars with a rear-mounted spare tire because of its weight. There is no cargo room with the rear seats in place; all you get is a little shelf that you can lift for more cargo space.

You can choose to put down the seats using a loop for more space; they have a thick material that helps them withstand stress. There is a charge port in the cargo area, which comes in handy during off-roading adventures.

Exterior Design

Starting from the back of the car, the brake lights, reverse lights, and turn signals are located in the bumper. This is because the vehicle is so small that there is no space to put them. The spare tire mounted on the back is a 15-inch alloy wheel, the biggest wheel size you can get in the Jimny.

This car is very popular in its design since almost everyone wants a boxy off-roader. It fits this description, but it is also cheerful, cute, and straightforward. Perhaps this is the reason why everyone loves it so much.


The 2022 Suzuki Jimny is a challenging and cute off-roading vehicle that gives you everything. It is the best choice for anyone who wants a simple and affordable car.

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