The 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid is a high-tech and insanely fast family crossover with six seats and impressive features such as rear entertainment screens and SUB ports for charging devices. This vehicle charges up quickly and is the perfect choice for anyone looking for comfort and capability in a car.

The Model X Plaid is the performance version with three electric motors. They are all paired with a single-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive. It produces a combined 1020 horsepower, which is impressive, and can shoot from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

The first electric motor produces up to 503 horsepower (375 kW) and 531 lb-ft of torque. The second produces up to 275 horsepower (205 kW) and 310 lb-ft of torque. The last electric motor shares similar figures as the second. The Plaid has an estimated driving range of 335 miles, slightly lower than the base model.

The 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid model has a starting price of about $140,440. There are many fantastic features that this vehicle has; this article outlines quite a number of them. Keep reading for more information.

Features of the 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid

The Keys

This vehicle has a lot of interesting quirks and features once you step inside. It does not have the usual traditional buttons; instead, you have to tap on various key parts to open up different items. But before you do so, you should know that the key is shaped like the Model X Plaid. It is a very cool feature indeed.

You also get a credit card key that you can keep in your wallet, which comes in handy if you lose your keys or do not want to take them with you. All you need to do is stick the key next to the door, and the door will automatically unlock.

Lastly, you can open your Tesla without the keys. When you walk up to your car with the key in your pocket, you can tap the front door handle. It will recognize you, and the door will open automatically, not just unlock. You can automatically close the door by sitting in the driver’s seat and pressing your foot on the brake.

The back doors also open automatically with the key, but this time around, they open upwards. It opens up and out, and Tesla calls this the Falcon Wing doors.

Interior Design

The steering wheel in the Tesla Model X Plaid is not precisely a steering wheel; instead, it is a yoke that mimics the design of a video game or an airplane controller. It has no stalks sticking out for the turn signals and the windshield wipers. Instead, there are buttons mounted on the yoke to activate these things.

On the left side of the yoke, some arrows serve as your turn signals, you push them, and the signals will come on. There is also a button for your high beams instead of the traditional design. On the right side of the yoke, you have buttons for your windshield wipers, cruise control (for autopilot), and, surprisingly, the car horn.

An exciting feature in the interior of this car is that there is no gear selector. There is no dial, button, or traditional stick you pull to get the vehicle to go into drive. Instead, the Model X Plaid predicts the gear you want to be in once you step inside. You can override the predictions using the screen; the little graphic on the left side serves as your gear selector.

It has a little car icon, so if you want to go forward, you move it forward, and if you’re going to reverse, you move it backward. There is a backup gear selector in case the center screen fails. The climate vents are not anywhere you expect them to be; they are hidden in different places. For example, the one for the driver’s side is directly above the gauge cluster screen.

The center of the vehicle’s interior is quite minimalist; an Alcantara-looking panel is your wireless phone charging pad. There is a carbon fiber panel with a lid that opens up to your cup holders and storage area – they can also be opened up to reveal a larger storage area.

The windshield of the Plaid is different from most cars; it starts from its usual spot and goes all the way up to the top of the front seat occupants, which is a pretty cool feature.

The Infotainment Screen

The center screen is big in the dashboard, and it gives access to controls, features, functions, and everything else. It is the home screen with media on one side and a map on the other. Whatever icon you click on opens on a large side of the screen, and you can swipe down to go back to the home screen.

There are a lot of crazy and impressive features of the infotainment system. For example, you have access to a sketchpad to draw whatever you want and an in-built gaming system. There are many icons you can click on to keep you entertained in the toy box. There is also something called ‘tracks’ which allows you to record audio in the car. Not just the usual audio, as you can add sound effects.

There is a car icon at the bottom left corner of the screen; it brings out all your car controls when you tap on it. You can open up things like your front trunk, charging port, and doors.

The Gauge Cluster Screen

The gauge cluster screen is directly above the yoke, which is something that other Tesla models do not have. It includes all the basic things you need like the speedometer, the gear you are in, the current time, etc. It is a great feature to have as it is directly in your sight when driving.

The Backseats

The Plaid is only offered in six seats; two in the front, middle, and back. The second-row seats are mounted on some pedestals and are controllable using a little control on the side of the seat. You can move them up, backward, down, and forward. There is a button on the side of the door (an image of a car with closed doors) used to close the back seat doors.

If you want to step out through the backseats, click on the other button (it has an image of a car with open doors), and the doors will automatically open. Once outside, you can close the door using a red button on the side. There is a small screen between the two front seats that you can use to adjust climate controls and turn on the heated seats.

You also have access to some apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ for your entertainment. There are two USB C ports below the screen and cup holders (you tap a panel, and they pop out). You can access the third-row seats through the space between the front row seats or move the seats (front row) forward through a button on the side.

Cargo Space

The third-row seats take up quite a significant amount of space, reducing your cargo space. Fortunately, they can be put away by pressing a button on the side, and the seats go down. Although, it can be pretty challenging to raise these seats back up. There is an extra cargo space under the cargo floor; you can access that by lifting a panel.


The 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid is a superb electric vehicle with fantastic features and minimalist interior design. It is perfect for families and is guaranteed to give you your money’s worth.

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