Without a doubt, the upcoming Ford Bronco will be one of the coolest cars on the market. The beautiful thing about it is the more you sink your teeth into learning about this car, the more brilliant features appear before you. So let us do exactly that and dive straight into the world of the most awesome Ford Bronco features!

Removable Doors And Roof 


Off-road people are familiar with such a deal thanks to, for example, Jeep Wrangler. These solutions are great by themselves. If you’ve ever enjoyed the sensation of openness and connection with surrounding while driving without the doors and roof, you know what we’re talking about. Ford made it even better! The main problem with the removable doors is where to store those? Usually, you have to choose between leaving the doors in your garage (and braving the highway wind if those are on your way to the good stuff) or chaining them to some tree in the wild. Bronco introduces protective bags so you can store them in the cargo area. 

The removable halo roof has the same trick up its sleeve, but that’s not it. An attentive reader will instantly notice the absence of a cross brace between the B pillars. It means that nothing obstructs the sky view, adding even more to the feeling of openness. And if rain suddenly starts pouring, no worries, Bronco’s interior pretty much doesn’t care.

Disconnecting Front Sway Bar 


“Why would I want my front sway bar to disconnect?” — you might wonder. It can help the suspension adjust to technical terrain while preventing the body and frame from reacting to it. It also means more safety in such a situation, because disconnecting the sway bar solution reduces the chance of rolling over.

Manual Transmission Option 


Getting a stick version of a new vehicle is next to impossible these days. Rejoice, purists! Ford is happy to quench your thirst for a direct driving experience! Bronco’s 2.3-liter 270 horsepower engine can go along with a seven-speed manual transmission. One might say seven gears is too much fuss. But this is not the case. One of the gears is a super-low crawler. It will be useful on technical off-road terrain. So you basically have a six-speed gearbox with extra gear for that occasion.  

Ford Bronco may be among the last production cars with manual transmission. So getting one will not only let you be more in charge but potentially can establish a good resale value in the future.

Clever Software


In this day and age, all sorts of digital gizmos are a must. Ford Bronco has plenty of those, including peculiar ones. Its navigation system has over 1,000 NeoTreks’ AccuTerra Maps trail maps, as well as Trails Offroad and FunTreks trail guides. Those don’t even need an Internet connection to work. So you can explore the great outdoors with confidence and comfort. And while you’re at it, why don’t engage the recording function of Bronco’s cameras? Sure, you can use any camera you like, but can it show stuff like telemetry and mapping on top of your footage?

MOLLE Straps System 


Many outdoorsmen praise the MOLLE system as the greatest invention since the wheel and writing. And for good reason. The simple idea behind it creates an endless array of options for organizing your gear. Ford Bronco is utilizing this idea brilliantly by putting these magic loops on the back of the front seats.  

Slide-Out Tailgate Tray 

Ford Bronco is by no means Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but they share this great feature. This neat feature from the neighboring pick-up world is a useful addition to Bronco’s palette. You’ll easily figure out how to use it in your case, be it stacking gear, just chilling, or whatever you might need. 

Cargo Area Bottle Opener 


OK, this one is a gimmick for sure. But this is an example of great thinking by Ford. Imagine yourself sitting on the tailgate tray watching a beautiful sunset and not having to waste your time looking for that opener. 

So there’s our top pick of the most awesome Ford Bronco features. Feel free to disagree in the comments or suggest the feature we missed!

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