If you think about vehicle types famous for their looks, true off-roaders are not coming to mind. Naturally big and bulky, they pose quite a challenge for designers. And though they may fight in their league, some off-road machines are sweet eye candies.

First, let’s set the ground rules for our list here.

  • It has to be a real off-roader.
  • We talk about vehicles you can get a brand new from the dealership or will be able to this year.
  • The vehicle has to be available in the USA.
  • You have to be able to actually buy it. So ultra-pricey exotics are off the table.

This list doesn’t come in any particular order, so you are to decide who’s the winner in your heart here.

Ford Bronco


The first time you see it, you can tell this is a nice-looking vehicle. But the more you look, the more you fall in love with this fellow. First of all, you can tell it to be a tasteful homage to the original Bronco. Headlights and grille make the most obvious contribution here. But there are less noticeable details serving this purpose. Ford Bronco doesn’t want to look bigger than it is, maintaining a simple clean look throughout the exterior. Probably, this design recipe is a great part of Bronco’s inevitable success, which is coming as soon as it hits the dealerships.

Land Rover Defender


Many Defender fans would be much happier if the latest version looked just like the previous one. However, today’s Land Rover Defender pays decent tribute to the predecessor in terms of exterior looks. It doesn’t want to look brutal or fancy, instead offering pleasant proportions and colors. With its safari windows roof is the most distinct design element, carefully cherished throughout decades, Land Rover Defender provokes looking for more similarities. Which are plenty!



One of the most rectangular vehicles ever, which later adopted some soapbox-like features, now becomes a cyberpunk bombshell. Its looks smash sheer brutality with hi-tec style together, reminding us that the present decade was described by lots of our favorite books and movies as the future. The design department managed to deliver HUMMER EV’s persona in great style. Its looks convey tremendous off-road capabilities and the latest tech. Both are there.

Range Rover


Creating a luxury off-roader is quite a task on its own. Making it look luxurious is even more difficult. Mercedes Gelandwagen can have all the leather in the world, its looks may appeal to people, but elegance is scarce. Or we can talk about Bentley and Rolls-Royce making questionable design choices for their SUVs. Range Rover is luxurious and looks luxurious. The upcoming 2021 version is no exception. Calm sleek lines, astonishing colors, and British pedigree once again make an awesome recipe.

Jeep Grand Cherokee


2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is like a football player in a tuxedo: it looks mighty and classy. Grand Cherokee is a big vehicle, but it doesn’t look heavy due to its neatly balanced looks. The new front and rear end work perfectly, and there are some gorgeous colors to choose from. This vehicle feels at home equally in the Rocky Mountains and parked next to a luxury sedan.

Ford F-150 Raptor


Yep, that’s a truck on our list. First of all, Raptor is easily the most handsome among peers. Yes, it is not the greatest styling of all times. But try making a massive pickup truck look dynamic on a standstill. Something in Ford F-150 Raptor’s looks makes you think about not just tackling unpaved surfaces, but doing it with a good amount of speed. Look long enough, and muscle car associations will come to mind.

Jeep Wrangler


If you ask a kid to draw an off-road vehicle, more often than not it will look very much like a Jeep Wrangler. It was created for fast production, easy repairs, and the ability to fit in the crate. Today Jeep Wrangler looks very similar to its grandpa, yet lots and lots of people fall for its looks in the first place. Wrangler is the AC/DC equivalent in the vehicle world. Genre doesn’t define it, it defines the genre, playing two same old chords people can’t get enough of for decades. Anyway, one thing is certain: Jeep Wrangler looks cool and will look like it for decades to come.

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