The Toyota Land Cruiser has made a name for itself as one of the most-loved SUVs among off-roading enthusiasts. There are many reasons drivers love this vehicle, and our article covers why it remains a legend.


The first Land Cruiser was released in the 1950s, although the initial types looked like Jeeps. They were small-sized off-roaders that offered no creature comfort. As the years went by and technology advanced, so did this car, and thus, it began to attract the interest of many in the 1960s. This was especially for those living in the snowy areas.

By 1991, it had evolved to be known among the flagship models from Toyota and was among the Range Rover’s main competitors. It was seen as a luxury off-roader ideal for richer families and highly comfortable.

But it didn’t stop at comfort. It is also highly capable of anything related to off-roading and on-roading. Drivers use these trimlines for thousands of miles without bothering about repairs, and it gets better when it’s off-road.

Its impressive ability on and off-road has contributed to its jacked-up prices. Autos from this era and with low mileage easily sell for prices between $15,000 and $25,000, and more. This is a lot of money to pay for a trim from the 1980s, but the fact that the automobile deserves this high value is another more reason it is iconic.

Anyone shopping for SUVs or familiar with them know that it’s quite difficult, if not impossible, to find those that expertly balances its ability with comfort and reliability. But, the Toyota Land meets this standard.

Quirks and Features

Since the 80 Series are a couple of decades old, some outdated features seem unthinkable when looking at them. For one, it does not have a cup holder, and so if you’re buying, you have to buy the karaoke  separately.

Another strange feature is the centre console which is offset towards the passenger seat and not in the middle. Right beside the console is the parking brake, which isn’t electronic like today’s types.

They are outdated, and so, even if they are known as luxury models, you won’t see that in the car as you look at it from the modern perspective. This automobile has a wide range of storage options to make spending time in the it more comfortable.

Despite being an old trim, it still allows you to adjust the climate control at the bottom of the dashboard, although this is more heat than controlling the climate.

It is well-known for another perk, and that’s the power antenna. Whenever you turn up the radio, the antennae come up. The antennae are also be tucked in a while using the radio.

This automobile comes with remote control for entry, and for this kind of technology in the 1980s, this was a big deal. It was considered a luxury feature.

Three Reasons Why the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series is so Special

Offering a wide range of features, quirks and benefits, it’s belonging to the 80 series is special, if it has been decades since it was first released.

It Can Take You Anywhere

As mentioned earlier, the Cruisers off-road abilities are off the roof. The trimline can drive anywhere you want to take it to, whether you’re heading to work or a desert adventure. They are ideal choices for anyone looking for expedition models or if you off-road for fun. Those who give out humanitarian relief and travel for research also prefer this trim to many others.

Its history is dated back to the Korean War when the US military commissioned Japanese manufacturers to create vehicles in Asia, similar to the Jeep. After this was over, the became well-known globally.

As the decades went on, the Cruiser changed too and became more attractive to the civilians. This was when the four-door auto was also introduced. If its manners off and on the road improved and the SUV increased in size, Toyota remained loyal to the core, which is to move off the road.

The automobiles continued to have excellent off-road capabilities that were mechanically engineered. Since it’s an outdated auto, you can’t expect electronic assistants and other top-notch technology that other recent cars offer. It depends on old-fashioned features like durability, suspension geometry and gearing.

So, as the demands increase and it continues to evolve, it remains highly strong off the road, wherever you want to explore.

It Will Last Really Long

Another iconic feature of the Land Cruiser is its durability. Drivers love it because of its high reliability, and it is also among the top models that its users will keep for the longest time. Once you purchase this, be prepared to hold on to it for an extended time.

The main reason Cruisers last for a very prolonged time is their motor. The four main trimlines in the 80 series feature a petrol 3F, turbo diesel, and twin-cam petrol. Of course, the engine isn’t the only cause of why this trim is known for its reliability: transmissions are also important.

In most cases, the only option for transmissions is the Aisin 8-speed automatic. There are also vehicles with manual transmissions, although it has been discontinued since 1998.

The structure is another reason why it’ll probably be with you until your little kid goes to college. Their body-on-frame designs make them heavy and stiff, which leads to reducing the frame damage that can happen while moving on rough terrain. Some of the previous Land Cruisers came with solid axles on both sides, which improved traction when moving on bumpy roads.

They are built to last for a very long time, probably why the trim is still in the right shape to be sold and bought in different markets.

They Remain Valuable after Years

They are still very valuable in the market today. Unlike the value reducing as it gets older, this one manages to hold on to its value and still give all drivers excellent capabilities in return, even if they’re used.

So far, anyone working with an engine and wheels come at a pretty high price, whether they are recent or not. If the vehicle has a nameplate that can go as past 70 years, it doesn’t change the fact that the off-roader was already valuable without it.

The more recent Cruisers are strong against depreciation, which means that they still hold their bad economies’ values. The money you pay for this trim will be taking you to the most important part of driving, which is its flawless engineering that will take you to places you’ve only dreamt of.

Although those in this line are not flashy with their designs, they have remained consistent with their capability and reliability, which holds its reputation among the enthusiasts.

From Classic to Legend

The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series has been well-known as a classic. This model has been built and designed to stand the hardest tests that any other off-roader has experienced. Those who don’t use these cars for dangerous work or privately own this off-roader always end up getting attached to the vehicle and all that it has to offer.

No matter where you’re headed, you can always rest assured when you’re behind the wheel of a Cruiser.

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