Whether you want to check out some new destinations, escape from the city in your off-road vehicle and appreciate the beauty of nature, take a tour or relax with your family, our list of the best off-road locations in the USA will help you make a good choice.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the Natural Wonders and the place where not only Americans but visitors from other countries want to go. But not only that. The Grand Canyon is a very popular destination for off-roading. A big territory of the outlying parkland is open to off-road vehicles and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The Bureau can offer advice about the best trails and where you can stay overnight. You can bring your own vehicle or you can go on an off-roading guided tour if you want to try off-roading for the first time but a bit scared to do it on your own.

Mendocino National Forest, California

Mendocino National Forest, California

Mendocino National Forest is situated close to San Francisco Bay Area but it is still one of the least-visited national forests in the US. There are plenty of opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to off-roading. The beauty of the area is that it doesn’t have any paved roads. You can enjoy nature and awesome views, stop for fishing and camping and spend a great time with our family while off-roading. The forest is equipped with many campgrounds, picnic tables, and other facilities that will make your vacation comfortable. And if you are a wine fan, there are several wineries where you can go for wine tasting.

Molokai Forest Reserve Road, Hawaii

molokai forest reserve road

Molokai Forest Reserve is 11000 acres of public land. Driving through the reserve in your vehicle will give opportunities to see the most stunning Hawaiian views with sea cliffs, plunge pools, and waterfalls. There are a few locations for overnight camping, for example at the Waikolu Lookout Campground. You will also be able to drive 5000 feet high to Kamakou Peak.

Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho

Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Sawtooth National Forest is a great destination both for beginners and experienced off-roaders. There are single-track trails for advanced drivers with some rocky places and steep drop-offs, but there are also trails that can be handled by someone who just starts their off-roading career. There are campgrounds with access to natural hot springs. You can go rafting, hiking, and fishing and spend a great vacation with your family and friends.

Moab, Utah

moab utah

The red rocks of Moab are known to be the best place for off-roading. The terrain is quite complicated but this is what most people on off-road vehicles come here for. And of course, you will be awarded by the stunning views. Moab has everything — from rocks and cliffs to sand and water. The trail goes along mountain ranges and you can see not only red rock cliffs but numerous wild animals that live here, like moose, deer, and elk. And of course, Moab is a place for great hiking and biking.

Death Valley National Park, California

death valley national park

Death Valley National Park is huge, while only 1000 miles are the dirt and paved roads suitable for off-roading. However, this is more than enough for you to explore this beautiful nature reserve. There are canyons perfect for driving in your truck and other suitable trails. There are several interesting sites to visit at the Death Valley, such as Manson Ranch, where Charlie Manson was hiding from the police, or Charcoal Kilns and Modoc mine in Wildrose Canyon.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Texas

Hidden falls adventure park

Hidden Falls Adventure Park is 240 miles of trails perfect for trucks, jeeps, and motorbikes. Basically, any type of off-roader will be happy here. The terrain is varied, there are solid rock sections, mud puddles, and hard park dirt. And the views are incredible. There are waterfalls and natural springs, where you can go fishing. There are a lot of hikers here too, as there are places for camping and staying overnight.

Bald Eagle State Forest, Pennsylvania

Bald Eagle State Forest

The Bald Eagle State Forest is perfect for outdoor vacation and going off-road. There are numerous trails both for trucks and motorbikes. The terrain is beautiful and varied. There are mountain springs, sharp ridges and lots of forests. The White Deer Creek and Penns Creek are perfect for kayaks and canoes, as well as fishing.

Imperial Sand Dunes, Arizona

Imperial Sand Dunes

Imperial Sand Dunes is America’s largest mass of dunes which extend for 40 miles. If you are looking for some desert conditions, this is a place to try yourself and your off-roading skills. It is easy to get lost here and appear somewhere near Mexico, but the view is worth it: awesome high peaks, dune bowls, and beautiful sunsets. There are campgrounds where you can stay for the night. The only advice is to avoid this place in the hottest months.

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

Black Hills National Forest

Black Hills National Forest is 600 miles of trails for trucks and other off-road cars. There are beautiful places with green grass, rocks, and forests. The reserve also has some interesting old mining sites. This is a great vacation destination with numerous campgrounds and opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and swimming. An awesome place to go with your family.

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