The 2022 Hyundai Kona is a popular favorite among small SUVs, as it is fun to drive and has an attractive exterior design. The series has brilliant carlike handling, a bold exterior style, elevated driving position, and a practical design, whether you want to drive off-road or on-road. It offers a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an optional turbocharged 1.6-liter for more engine power.

While the Hyundai Kona is an imposing subcompact SUV, you can go the extra mile and make your vehicle even better. By fitting different accessories, from floor liners and cup holders to stainless protectors and crossbars.

After much research, we have compiled the top nine 2022 Hyundai Kona accessories for you.

1.   LightKorea Lettering C Pillar Window Sports Plate Panel

You can enhance the exterior of your 2022 Hyundai Kona with the LightKorea Lettering C Pillar Window Sports Plate Panel. You can get this for your window in black or silver, depending on your preferences, and give your car a good look.

The lettering panel is made with acrylic and 3D graving for high quality, offering you top quality. As for the installation, you can easily set this on the window with 3M tapes.

2.   MaxLiner Custom Fit Floor Mats

The interior of your 2022 Kona can also look better with the MaxLiner Custom Fit Floor Mats. These mats feature a fantastic design, as they are all-weather and stain resistant, giving you 100% odorless protection and an attractive design.

The mat is designed with custom fit precision, raised liners, and a strengthened lip, and this will prevent spills and other messes from being made. It also has a skid-resistant surface, making it easy to clean and maintain by simply hosing or using soap and water. This, plus the durable and modern design, will leave you with an attractive look.

3.   Autonemaker Stainless Door Sill Cover

Next on our list of accessories is the Autonemaker Stainless Door Sill Cover, perfectly compatible with the 2022 Hyundai Kona. The Kona is made with top-quality stainless steel and a matte finish and can be easily installed with 3M self-adhesive tape.

The sill cover helps protect your car door from scratches, wear, and tear. Even when you remove it, it won’t damage your door or fade away after a long time.

4.   CupHolderHero Premium Custom Interior Non-Slip Anti Dust Center Console Liner Mat

Make your 2022 Kona look even better with the CupHolderHero Premium Custom Center Console Liner Mat. These are made in the USA and will precisely fit your vehicle, and the installation and removal are very convenient since it is equipped with tab handles.

The set features 19 non-slip mats, which will protect your center console tray, cup holders, and door pockets, preventing them from getting damaged or dirty. It is also easy to clean and maintain and keeps your car cleaner by catching spills and containing them with the double-raised edge.

5.   AutoClover Smoked Window Visor

On rainy or sunny days, you can keep the fresh air coming in and, at the same time, prevent the rain or sun from affecting you with the AutoClover Smoked Window Visor. These side window deflectors will also reduce the wind noise coming into your Hyundai Kona when speeding on the highway and adequately get rid of stale air and odor.

The vent guard features a transparent smoked tint that will protect your eyes while you drive. You can easily install it with no extra tools, hardware, drilling, or modification. You can drive comfortably with this window visor.

6.   TopGril Mud Flaps Kit

If you plan on going off-road a lot, you can fit your Kona with the TopGril Mud Flaps Kit. You can install the flaps on the lower parts of your SUV to prevent mud, snow, sand, silt, rocks, and other debris from getting into your car, and this will keep it clean and prevent wear and tear.

The mud flaps are appropriately designed for durability, and so they will stand firm in the harshest environments. You can easily install it with screws and the mounting hardware that comes in the kit without adjusting your vehicle.

7.   RoyalFox Genuine Leather Key Fob Case

While upgrading the look of your Hyundai Kona, you can go the extra mile and protect your key fob too. The RoyalFox Genuine Leather Key Fob Case will fit precisely with your key fob, allowing you to control the connectors and buttons easily.

It is made with high-quality genuine leather for durability, and this will protect your key whenever it falls while keeping the signal unaffected. It also protects your key from scratches, cracks, and scuffs, allowing you to use it for a very long time. The sleek black design is good to look at too.

8.   Aierxuan Car Seat Covers

Although the 2022 Kona interior looks great, you can protect the resale value and keep it looking good with the Aierxuan Car Seat Covers. This is made with faux leather of the highest quality and designed to be waterproof and soft, and it is also breathable and durable for long-lastingness.

Since it is waterproof, it is straightforward to clean and maintain whether you have footprints of pet hair. It can be easily installed with the instructions in the kit and stays in place once properly installed. You don’t have to worry about airbags as it makes room for it.

9.   MotorFansClub Roof Rack Cross Bars

If you plan on taking extra luggage with your 2022 Hyundai Kona, the MotorFansClub Roof Rack Cross Bars will do the trick. These lightweight bars have a maximum capacity of 220 pounds and are easy to put together and dismantle without extra tools or drilling. They are made from high-quality aluminum and plastic for durability.

The roof rack features locks and a key, which will prevent theft as long as you keep the keys. The streamlined water drop design also reduces the wind noise coming in.

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