There is a lot to know about the Ford Bronco, especially if you’re planning on buying a popular vehicle. Even Build and Price is tricky for many vehicle buyers. Experienced Ford Bronco enthusiasts might have fewer questions, but newbies usually have more.

In this guide, we will look at the top questions you might have about buying, test driving, and using Ford.

Is Ford Bronco comfortable?

Ford is well-known for having super comfortable seats in its vehicles so it’s no surprise that the Bronco is also just as comfortable. You can also enjoy convenience and flexibility, as you can adjust your seating configuration on getting your cars. For a more comfortable ride, you should consider a Bronco with a longer wheelbase.


Can I add LED if I’m buying an entry-level Bronco?

If you’re buying the Base Ford Bronco, you don’t get the LED lights as a package. Although you can fully customize your Base, and this includes adding LED lights, but it will be very expensive to do this because you have to change the wiring and the headlights. It’s cost-effective to directly buy other Bronco models that have LED lights like the Black Diamond and Big Bend.

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Will Bronco have AC vents?

The Bronco will have rear AC vents but don’t look out for them in the area of the car where they usually used to be. The Ford Bronco does not have the AC vents behind the console but they are below the front seats instead. The vents will point outwards and have special features that protect it from water, dust, and other substances whenever you hose down your car.

Which is better between Bronco or Wrangler?

If you’re having a hard time choosing between the Bronco and the Wrangler, know that many expect the former to be way better than the latter. Ford has a wide range of features that the Wrangler doesn’t have like the independent front suspension, removable panelling, frameless windows, and a simple and easy car. It also has better technology like a lane-keeping system and other safety tech features.

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Are A, X, and Z plans available for all Trim levels and First Edition?

The Bronco Sport first editions had the A, X and Z plans available for buyers so there’s a good chance that the Ford Bronco trim levels and the first edition will also have these plans. Keep in mind that Ford has not confirmed this yet, but the chances are high.

Do I need a deposit to buy Ford Bronco?

Deposits are very common when ordering vehicles from dealerships. It involves paying a fraction of the money for the car until it arrives. When reserving or purchasing a Ford Bronco, you also need a deposit to lock in your order. Ensure you buy from a dealer that offers refundable deposits and uses the deposit in buying the car.

Can I trade another car for a Bronco?

Depending on the dealership you go to, you should be able to get a trade-in for your vehicle. So, you can go to the dealership and inspect the Bronco. If they allow for trade-ins, they will also inspect it at that time and if it’s eligible, you get the Bronco at a more affordable price.

How do I know when my Bronco is arriving?

The reserved Broncos that have been converted into orders are expected to have an arrival date in the late first quarter of 2021. This is around March and April. This is when you get the estimated time of arrival, although remember that the date is tentative.

How do I make sure I don’t make a mistake in my order?

This also depends on your dealership. The dealership you use will determine how you order your Ford Bronco. Most dealerships offer phone or face-to-face consultation so that the individual options can be evaluated and no mistakes will be made on the order.

What do I do if I have a leased vehicle?

If you have a leased Ford vehicle, you can inform Ford that you have reserved a Bronco but you have a Ford vehicle. Then, Ford will let you keep on using the leased car without paying until your new Bronco arrives.

Can I now convert my reservation to an order?

If you have already reserved your Ford Bronco, you can convert this to order now. It already started in December and January. Once it becomes an order, your car coming in is a sure thing.

Do I have to be among the first to order?

The Ford Bronco isn’t first come first served except you’re getting a First Edition. Ford is using reservation time stamps so everyone has their position on the queue regardless of whether they make the order early or late.


When can I pay for a Bronco?

If you have a reserved Bronco, you probably want to know when you can pay. Apart from the deposit, you can pay for the Bronco in full within 30 to 45 days of getting it. Once it has been delivered, you can pay for the car and it will be finalized 30 days after.

What are Build and Price?

The Build and Price allow you to customize your Ford Bronco in most of the features including the colours and the packages. The way you design your car will determine the price. When you reserve the car, you can ask for the Build and Price and the accessories will be sent to the dealership where they will be put together.


When will Build and Price Go Live?

Build and Price is already available for Ford Bronco cars. It allows you to fully customize your Bronco from the packages to colours, hence the name Build. Then based on all you put together, Ford will place a price. You can reserve a Bronco with Ford for the Build and Price.

Why Did Build and Price Take Too Long?

Although many people waited for Build and Price, the configurator took a lot of time before it was released. This is most likely because of the accessories that you can now add to your Ford Bronco. You can add the accessories while the Bronco is being built in the factory, taking away labour costs and other extra expenses. The accessories will be sent to different dealerships

How Can I Test Drive a Bronco?

If you’re curious about what the feel of a Ford Bronco offers, you will be able to test drive it depending on the situation. If it’s your Bronco that you have reserved and is waiting to be customized, you can ask to be allowed to test drive it. But, if you want to go to a dealership to test drive it, it won’t be possible.


From these questions, you now know the basics of what the Ford Bronco has to offer in terms of buying and using it. We hope this was helpful!

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