The Toyota brand does not need any introduction in the car-producing industry, as it has earned the right, and more so, has become a very popular brand in many countries all over the world. 

In a bid to satisfy the demands and needs of its teeming customers, Toyota has added another SUV to its brand, and I am referring to the Corolla Cross. This Toyota product is a true SUV that has a good amount of ground clearance, a big cargo area, with an all-wheel-drive, even though it shares a few similarities when comparing it to other Corolla versions.

However, there is a trusted and tested option of the same Toyota brand, which is the RAV4 option. The RAV4 is one of the most well-known SUVs, which has been on sale for a very long time. It is a very great Toyota brand that is endearing to a different range of customers, because of how well-rounded it is. 

The main difference between these magnificent automobiles is the power train. The Corolla Cross is equipped with 1 powertrain while 3 powertrains are available for Rav4.

You may be in a situation where you need an SUV, and you are looking towards the direction of the Toyota lineup, and you need to decide which of the two you should go for. Is it the Toyota RAV4 version or let’s say the Toyota Corolla Cross version? We would be going through these two SUVs to guide you on how to select the best choice. 


Someone who is conversant with the two SUVs will notice that they look alike, and share some similar traits. For instance, the two SUVs display a downward-turning grille. They equally have a slim profile, which goes along with their decent curvature through their hoods and roofs. Where they differ is not much. Take, for example, the RAV4 headlight is geometric in appearance and also edgy. It looks athletic and dramatic as it sits over prominent air vents.

 On the other hand, the Corolla Cross is built with slanted LED headlights on top of the LED light beam. 


The two SUVs have a Wi-Fi hotspot, and Android Auto smartphone integration, a smartphone wireless charging pad, Apple CarPlay, a dual-zone climate control system, and a moonroof. 

However, the RAV4 version has a spacious interior when compared to Corolla Cross. The RAV4 has 5.8 inches more rear legroom and 0.5 more headroom. In terms of cargo capacity, we can give it to RAV4, as it is capable of holding 69.8 cubic feet of cargo space. On the other hand, Corolla Cross is only capable of holding 66.8 cubic feet of cargo. 

Carbine and Cargo

You may ask yourself how much space you need when you are about to choose between the two SUVs. The Corolla Cross fits perfectly to satisfy your bill if you don’t need 3 extra cubic feet of cargo space and often don’t use the rear seat. The size advantage is one of the features RAV4 can boost over the Corolla Cross.


RAV4 comes with three powertrains, while the Corolla Cross version comes with one. The RAV4 is accompanied by a hybrid plug-in, a hybrid powertrain, as well as a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine. The RAV4 can equally travel up to 42 miles on electricity. The RAV4 can also reach 40 mpg generally.

Fuel Economy

It is no doubt that the Corolla Cross has superior fuel management, as it consumes less power, and also smaller in size. The Corolla Cross is capable of reaching 32 mpg altogether, with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and a front-wheel drive. On the other hand, the RAV4 is capable of itching 40mpg.


The Corolla Cross and RAV4 have different safety-programmed features to keep you safe while driving them. Some of these features include dynamic radar control features, lane departure notifications, road signs assister, programmed high beams, blind-spot features, and also pre-collision features. 

Road Capabilities

RAV4 is the only version that offers a beyond-road centered model, even though both Corolla Cross and RAV4 provide the option of an all-wheel-drive system. With features such as off-road-tuned suspension and large off-road tires, the RAV4 will work efficiently on any road. It is also important to mention that the Corolla Cross is designed with a lower ground clearance (8.1inches), compared to RAV4 with 8.6 inches.


The best affordable option of the two SUVs is the Corolla Cross. With destination, the price of a Corolla Cross is around $23,500, and the RAV4 price is pegged around $27,500. It is evident that there is a large difference in price between the two SUVs. If you are, therefore, on budget, the Corolla Cross is a better option for you. 


Recent Toyota brands have the standard warranty package of 3 years. But to make the deal attractive, they usually add two years of complimentary scheduled maintenance. As a result, these SUVs have the same warranty as well as maintenance package. 


Toyota Corolla Cross and RAV4 are excellent picks if you are looking towards the direction of an SUV. Go for Corolla Cross, if you need an SUV that is very affordable and can be maneuvered. But you can go for RAV4 if you are thinking of beyond-road capabilities, cargo space, and more power.  

However, considering the downs and upsides of the SUVs, RAV4 is worth your extra money. It comes with good safety features, offers different trims, a spacious cabin, as well as an efficient engine. Although Corolla Cross will be great for many users, RAV4 is an SUV that one can grow with or grow into. But on the other hand, one can easily grow out of the Corolla Cross.

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