Toyota finally presented a new generation of Land Cruiser. Toyota has used the term «all-roader» not just the off-roader to present its new vehicle. The concern wanted to reduce aggression in the model’s image. However, these hopes of marketers are unlikely to come true: the reputation of the «big black jeep» will definitely remain with the Land Cruiser, if not forever, then at least for another 10-15 years.

There are enough changes but many things remained unchanged. The ladder frame, on which the body rests, is still there. It has become stiffer due to a change in design: now the main part of the frame is monolithic, and those pieces that are attached to it, for example, cross members, are attached using laser welding. The Land Cruiser was incorporated into the TNGA global architecture concept calling the resulting frame platform GA-F.

The body, despite all its novelty, retained the overall dimensions of the Land Cruiser 200, including the wheelbase. The proportion of high-strength steel in the body structure has increased, and almost all external elements are now aluminum: this metal is used for the hood, front fenders, doors, roof, and tailgate. The tailgate is now a single lifting element. In total, it was possible to take off 200 kilograms from the body and frame — however, this did not affect the total weight of the car. The geometric cross-country ability, while maintaining the dimensions, is the same: the angle of entry is 32 degrees, and the exit angle has increased from 24 to 26.5 degrees.

The ground clearance is still limited by the continuous rear axle gearbox and is 230 millimeters. But now there is no body height adjustment because there is no optional hydropneumatic suspension. The geometry of the suspension has also been revised: in particular, the rear shock absorbers are now mounted more vertically. There is an innovation in the chassis — the revision of the KDSS anti-roll bar system. It consists of hydraulic cylinders on both stabilizers, which, depending on the driving mode, either clamp or unfold the stabilizers, adjusting the stiffness and articulation of the suspensions. It is now called E-KDSS. There is one more hydraulic cylinder in the updated system: now there are two in front and one behind.

The most important off-road innovations have to do with the all-wheel-drive transmission. From now on, the Land Cruiser will have two versions. The first one is «urban», and its off-road arsenal will be similar to that of the Land Cruiser 200. It is a permanent all-wheel drive with a forced-locking center differential and a reduction gear, as well as a limited-slip differential on the rear axle. The «off-road» version offers expanded functionality for the Land Cruiser. Four-wheel drive here is also a permanent differential, but two inter-axle locks are added to the inter-axle blocking, which is turned on by an electric drive. Moreover, there is the possibility of their independent turning on. Off-road vehicles have taller bumpers with optimal geometry and the E-KDSS system. The «urban» Land Cruiser 300 will have passive stabilizers.

Off-road assistance systems have also undergone some changes. The Multi-Terrain Select system, which controls the engine, transmission, and brake settings depending on the type of surface, has two new modes: Auto and Snow.

The brakes remain the same: the brake discs are ventilated in a circle, but the mechanisms on both axles are with a floating caliper, except that there are two-piston in front. Small changes were made to the wheels: 20-inch wheels now have higher-profile 265/55 tires.

Land Cruiser 300 received a hybrid power steering: an electric motor mounted on the steering column was added to the classic hydraulic rack. From a safety point of view, there is the adaptive cruise control that can operate in the entire speed range up to a complete stop, as well as a lane center hold system.

The biggest intrigue was the motor range, and there is a lot of news here. Firstly, rumors about a hybrid scheme have not been confirmed: there are no batteries on the Land Cruiser. Secondly, the choice between gasoline and diesel will remain. And thirdly, with the change of generations, V8 engines are becoming a thing of the past: the vehicle will be equipped only with V6 engines, and a new ten-speed automatic will work in tandem with both. Here, an aluminum block with a cylinder angle of 60 degrees, bi-turbocharging and direct injection, and 415 hp. The Land Cruiser now has the concept of «dynamics»: it gains the first hundred in less than 7 seconds. Fuel consumption has not yet been announced. The maximum speed has not changed — 210 km / h, but now it is the same for both versions, whereas earlier gasoline cars had a limiter of 195 km / h.

The dynamics remain the same when choosing a diesel version. The engine is also new: the unit with the F33A-FTV index produces 299 hp and 700 Nm of torque. Toyota has some worries about the influence of the increased diesel power on the amount of transport tax. Taking into account the «luxury tax», which doubles the rate, you will have to pay almost 90 thousand a year for such a car, whereas before it was about 40 thousand.

The interior of the SUV has completely changed, however, there is something unchanged. The rear couch is noticeably higher than the front seats due to the frame structure. The optional third row is also preserved, as is the flat floor. The full-size spare wheel is left hanging under the bottom, so the volume and shape of the trunk are similar to the previous version.

Inside, the Land Cruiser will no longer look like a dinosaur compared to its classmates. The dashboard retained the analog scales, but it received a large 7-inch screen between them. The multimedia system will have an 8-inch touchscreen, and a 12.3-inch «monitor» is available for a surcharge. Between the dashboard and the multimedia screen, there is the engine start button with a fingerprint sensor. In mobile devices, this technology is already considered old-fashioned, giving way to face and eye recognition, but for cars, it is rather new.

On the central tunnel, there is a large wireless charging platform. The second row can now be equipped not only with heating but also with three-stage ventilation. The set of all-around viewing aids has been improved by the introduction of a rear camera washer. But the front camera was left without a washer and the ability to record video. The trunk can now be opened contactless.

The exterior trim of the vehicle has large wheels and fully diode optics. However, in the initial versions, the direction indicators will have regular bulbs, and even the roof rails remain a paid option.

This year, sales will begin with gasoline five-seater cars in the 70th Anniversary Special Edition. Diesel cars, as well as an off-road version, will appear later. Two new colors will be added — blue and bronze. But the more question of the price remains unanswered.

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