Everyone has been talking about the Bronco for a long time, especially since Ford hasn’t released one for a long time. Now that it has revived and already rolling out of the production lines, the attention on this mighty off-roader has increased. 

If you thought the 2021 Ford Bronco was amazing, hold your horses because it becomes even better with the Traxxas TRX-4. R/C and Bronco fans will be thrilled with this amazing product, which promises realness and a great experience.

Traxxas is a radio control model manufacturer based in Texas and is well-known for constantly impressing its dedicated fanbase with new toys. They have now revealed their R/C version of the new 2021 Ford Bronco, and this exceeded the expectations of many!

What the Bronco R/C Has to Offer


The R/C model looks exactly like the Ford Bronco, so much that you would barely find any differences between them. Even Ford approved the R/C model. It was built on the Traxxas TRX4 platform, which includes other off-road vehicles like the Defender from Land Rover. From the high/low range transmission to the front and rear locking differentials, the Bronco R/C has it all.

R/C and off-road enthusiasts will be pleased to see that the Traxxas TRX4 Bronco can last for up to two hours. This is thanks to the 5000-mAh iD LiPo battery pack which is installed under the model. This and the whole drivetrain were expertly combined into the base frame of the car, offering you the right angles for great off-roading. The approach angle is at 52 degrees, while the departure angle is 49 degrees.

Traxxas keeps coming with pleasant surprises, as the 1/10 Bronco also comes with different accessories and fixtures that enhance your R/C experience. One accessory that is worth your anticipation is the remote-controlled winch. Don’t see this as an upgrade to the visual design of the R/C, as it works. It has a heavy-duty metal hook that makes it work like a real off-roading vehicle. It can also tow up to 10 lbs. or 4.5 kgs, because of the high-torque motor.


Whether you’re driving at night or during the day, the 1:10 scale Bronco comes with an LED light kit and is waterproof for a more realistic experience. 

If you damage the original body of the R/C Bronco, there’s no need to worry! You will get a separate Bronco body from Traxxas in case this happens, and it comes complete with all exterior features like door handles, grille, fender flares and side mirrors. 


How Much for the Traxxas TRX4 R/C Bronco?

If you’re looking to buy the full 1/10 Bronco model, it comes at a pretty affordable price of averagely $550. The R/C model offers you way more value for the money, especially with the realistic portrayal of the 2021 Bronco, the impressive accessories (especially the towing capacity!) and its driving capabilities.

As for the separate Bronco body that can be used to replace the original, it costs around $150.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Will Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco cost?

The main Traxxas Bronco model will cost about $550, which is a pretty decent price for such a lifelike and high-performance model. If something happens to the body of the car, you can replace it by just buying the new one for $150.

  • How fast is the Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco?

The TRX-4 Bronco will impress buyers with a speed of about 12 miles per hour. It drives in full power on all four wheels, offering high/low range transmission, U-jointed driveshafts and a four-wheel drive.

  • Is the Traxxas Bronco waterproof?

Straight out of Texas, the Traxxas Bronco is completely waterproof. You can enjoy using the R/C model on wet and rough trails. You can even purchase an LED light kit for driving at night.

The R/C Bronco is Big Boy’s Toy!

As Traxxas has unleashed the 1:10 scale Bronco, you can dive into a thrilling R/C experience with this model. Combining the capabilities of the original Bronco with brilliant accessories, and going for a great price, the R/C Bronco will make a perfect fit in your collection.

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