The 2021 Ford Bronco was long-anticipated by many buyers who wanted to take it on the road as soon as possible. While many people wanted to own a Ford Bronco so they can drive it, some others wanted to use the 2021 Bronco to take advantage of the demand and supply market.

Online, many people are posting their Ford Bronco 2021 on car resale websites and sites like eBay for six-figure prices. We even spotted a car that costs as much as $150,000. But because of the scarcity of the Ford Bronco and delays in production and delivery, many eager enthusiasts might prefer to buy the $100,000 Broncos and receive them now than the $30,000 Broncos directly from Ford.

Bronco Sold Out

The original Ford Bronco prices go between $30,000 and $63,000 across all packages and extra features. But, for the first and second model year, the Bronco has been completely sold out and many are even hoping to get their order in for the 2023 model year.

The speed at which the Bronco sold out can be owed to the high anticipation surrounding the new car, which caused everyone in the off-roading community to look forward to it. Now, that the Bronco is sold out, those who don’t mind buying another one in the later model years have found an opportunity to make a profit.

Delay with the Bronco

Another reason why many buyers are overeager to get a new Bronco is the delays in the delivery and production, which was first caused by the COVID-19 crisis, and now by problems with the manufacturer. Ford and their partners also had trouble meeting the overwhelming demand, leading to more delays in the Bronco.

Because of this, those that got their Broncos first consider themselves luckier than those who have to wait, especially if you want some special features that are not available yet. And those that don’t want to wait till 2022 or 2023 for their new Bronco are the perfect customers for those resales being posted online.

New Ford Broncos Resold Online

The Ford Bronco finally started getting delivered by June 2021. While some buyers can’t stop gushing about how awesome the cars are, others have got to work, posting it on eBay and other websites.

Some owners of the new Ford Bronco are reselling their vehicles online, using the market conditions to their benefit. With very little supply and sky-high demand, it’s a perfect market for anyone who wants to resell their Bronco, especially since they get a lot of control over the price.

Some people posted their Bronco as eBay listings, with prices as high as $150,000, and in some cases where buyers could bid for it, the prices reached up to $95,000 to $100,000. There were also posts on Facebook Marketplace, advertising Broncos for about $100,000.

Even Ford dealers, apart from normal buyers, are also getting in on the action, selling ‘used’ Broncos for very high prices.

Are These Broncos Worth It?

There are two reasons why you might buy a Bronco for $100,000 when it’s originally up to $63,000. One, you have the money, and in this case, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. And two, you can’t wait for your Bronco to get here if you order it. If you’re in these two situations, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for the 2021 Bronco at the resale price.

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