The 2021 Ford Bronco went through many phases, from being highly anticipated to long-awaited, and then it was delayed before it was finally going through production. Now that the Bronco has been received, many customers who didn’t place their order yet are curious to know what those who have received a Bronco think about it.

There’s no doubt that Ford outdid itself with the comeback of the Bronco, and the customers can attest to that. Asides from a few customer complaints concerning the hardtops, the 2021 Bronco has proven to be a good choice for many buyers.

So, after looking at the reviews we saw online, we figured out what customers are saying about their newly received Broncos.

The Good

Amazing Design

Almost every customer review praised the Ford Bronco 2021 design, some even calling it the most impressive SUV they’ve seen. Even the reviews that had complaints about the car could not resist still calling it a pretty or beautiful car.

Customers have said that it’s very comfortable and the interior design is very attractive, some calling it a ‘real head turner’ and ‘well thought out.’ There have also been reviews on how spacious the car is for all kinds of gear.


Another main review we saw was how fuel-efficient the Ford Bronco 2021 is. From ‘great on gas’ to words like incredible, amazing, excellent, awesome, and even ‘the best ever’ describing the gas mileage, you can be sure that Ford impressed its buyers with the fuel efficiency.

This was a nice surprise to many buyers, as no one knew what exactly to expect in terms of fuel efficiency when awaiting the Bronco.

Impressive Tech

Customers are also impressed by how tech-savvy the new Ford Bronco is, even if this was one feature that was widely expected. The remote start, GOAT modes, and the feature of checking diagnostics from your phone have been well praised, and some customers commented that the tech features the rugged design of the Bronco.

If you’re also looking forward to a tech-powered vehicle, you might be impressed with the tech like other customers have been.

Smooth Ride

You can’t buy a Ford Bronco without taking it off-roading, and it seems like many other customers have been there and done that. Many have commented on taking their Bronco on birdwatching and photographing trips, some down the dirty mountains while others have stuck to the highway.

A handful of customers even stated that they are looking out for weekly trips to take their Bronco on, and others have commented that it’s also great for those who are new to off-roading. From the four-wheel-drive to the engine, the performance of the Bronco has been widely praised.

Extra Features

Many customers were also impressed by the extra features that Ford offers, one saying that ‘small touches really matter!’ Some parts that were mentioned include the clips, liftgate lights, hidden storage, mole straps, the bottle opener on the liftgate, and the safety features.

The Bad

Weird Noises

We saw one comment about a weird noise in the rear window, and the customer can’t find the cause of the problem. Another customer complained about the rattle sounds coming from the engine, which can be quite discouraging.

Another weird noise that customers are hearing is a grinding sound when they back it up and turn. There was also one complaint about the warning light coming on each time they drive it. But apart from these few complaints, some of which Ford is checking, there aren’t a lot of downsides to the Bronco 2021.

The Problem with the Hardtops

Everyone is talking about what’s wrong with Ford’s hardtops, especially customers that suffered from it. Not all customers have this problem, only a few of them have reported that the hardtops were made of low-quality materials.

This is probably because the company that makes Ford’s hardtops could not meet up with the explosive demand of the Bronco, and so ended up with a few bad eggs on their production line. Ford has stated that they are checking the problem and would fix it, so we’ll keep an eye on that.

Is the Ford Bronco 2021 Worth It?

For many customers that have already received their car, the 2021 Bronco was worth their money. Some customers stated that they sold their cars to buy this new one with no regrets, while others commented that the price was high, but it was worth it.

You never know if the Ford Bronco 2021 would be worth it for you too, although there’s a good chance that it would be. So, you can take the leap and join the long list of customers waiting to receive their own 2021 Bronco.

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